{This Past Weekend // Babes, Beauty and the Beast & a Birthday celebration}

Happy Monday! Why do the weekends fly by at the speed of lightening and then the week drags on and on? Anyone else feel that way? Last night I found myself saying, "there is no way it's already Sunday evening!!" Ugh! But, we must press on. Here's a look at this past weekend...

This past Friday...

...I went Prom dress shopping with a friend!! That feels so strange to say. She's a teacher at a local high school and was asked to chaperone the event. So, we had to go dress shopping for her. I will say that Prom dress shopping in your 30's is a lot cheaper and less stressful than shopping for prom in your teens.

...After dress shopping we all went to eat at Babe's Chicken Dinner House. It's one of my favorite places, ever! It did not disappoint and I think I ate my weight in their salad.

...After supper our friends came back to our house and we chatted for a bit before calling it a night.

This past Saturday...

...Mason and I woke up a little early so we spent the morning cuddling on the couch! Mason played on the iPad while I read Thirteen Reasons Why. He may be almost 7, but he's still a Mama's boy something fierce. Always in my lap! And I love it.

...Early that afternoon Mason, Nate's mom and I went to the movies to see Beauty and the Beast. I had been wanting to see it forever and we finally had a chance to go. The weather was windy and rain was predicted so it was the perfect time to go to a movie. We absolutely loved Beauty and the Beast. It was so, so good.

...After the movie Nathan, Mason and I went into town to get a dessert for a dinner we were invited to at one of our Pastor's houses. We had heard so many great things about Bittersweet Bakery and couldn't wait to check it out. Oh my word! A cute little bakery with a pink door? So my cup of tea! We got a mix of 6 different cupcakes; black and white, snickerdoodle, creme brulee, and vanilla bean. They smelled heavenly!

...We had a little time before we had to be at the dinner so I settled in to read a bit more and ended up dozing off. Nate woke me up saying that dinner was cancelled because our pastor's wife {and my sweet friend} was not feeling well. She had a migraine and was feeling crummy. It must have been the wind and nasty weather because Nathan and I both had a horrible headache.

...A little while later we were invited to hang out with some other friends from church. We went to Academy and then ate at Buffalo Wild Wings.

...They invited Mason to spend the night with them so we came home to get him some clothes.

...Nathan and I had a little date night! We went to Farmluck, our favorite little soda shop in town. Nate had a chocolate malt and an old fashioned coke, I had water and a scoop of orange sherbet ice cream.

...After Farmluck we went home and called it an early night. We were asleep before 10:30 that night!

This past Sunday...

...I woke up so anxious to see my sweet boy. I don't think I am ready for all of these sleepovers just yet! ;-) We couldn't get to church fast enough so that I could see him!

...We went to Sunday School and Church. The service was amazing. At one point all four of our pastors were praying with someone and it brought me to tears. God is so good!

...After church Mason and I went to the grocery store. It was crazy town. Everyone in our county seems to shop after church on Sundays!

...Then we came home and had a snack and then we were lazy! I took a 45 minute nap. It was glorious.

...That evening we went to Nate's Grandparent's place to have a little birthday party for his Grandma! We were able to have a private little room off of the dining hall. We had pizza delivered and had gourmet cupcakes. It was so nice to have everyone there at once and visit with them!

...Then it was time for baths, preparing a teacher gift for Teacher appreciation and then bedtime.

Monday came entirely too fast!

How was your weekend?


  1. Those cupcakes and the ice cream shop look amazing!

  2. What a fun weekend!! That little bakery is adorable! We will have to check it out soon. Is Farmluck in Waxahachie as well?? Fun!! xox

  3. I just saw the picture that says Waxahachie!! haha How fun! Thanks for sharing these places!

  4. Those cupcakes look great, we went to see a play of Beauty and the Beast at a local high school, it was pretty good actually. Looks like a great weekend, and it's so weird when the kids aren't in their bed, I just want them with me all the time.

  5. Ohhh how I love Beauty and the Beast! The soundtrack has been on repeat! Can't wait to see it again! Such a full fun weekend!

  6. Can I please come visit you and you can take me to all these amazing looking and sounding restaurants? Holy smokes. I better go on a diet now so I can eat my weight in cupcakes and BBQ later LOL.

  7. Those cupcakes look absolutely amazing!! I am so jealous of you seeing Beauty and the Beast. I really want to see it. Drew and I went to see Gifted on Friday evening, but I would have loved the see the other, but he wasn't up for that. Ha ha! I want to read 13 Reasons Why before I watch the show. What do you think so far?

  8. Those cupcakes look amazing! I can imagine prom dress shopping is a little less stressful in your 30s! What a fun weekend!

  9. So I have to know, how were those cupcakes?! They look UH-mazing!!! Looks like you had another amazing weekend friend.

  10. It looks like you had a great weekend! Weekends definitely need to be longer. They just fly by. I'm so glad you loved Beauty and the Beast! I thought it was so good and I can't wait to see it again!

  11. Prom shopping as an adult sounds awesome! And now I want those cupcakes!

  12. I loved Beauty & the Beast. I thought it was just so awesome...as are those delicious looking cupcakes. I want!

    So, should I read Thirteen Reasons Why prior to watching the show?

  13. What an awesome weekend Crystal!! I still need to see Beauty & The Beast!! Those cupcakes look amazing!!!!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!