{First Grade // End of the Year Awards}

Yesterday was Mason's end of the year awards for First Grade! He did so well and we are so proud of him. It's hard to believe that only half a day separates us from summer and then off to 2nd grade. Where did this year go?

Mason received the following awards...

  • Readers are leaders
  • First place in his class for AR {reading & points}
  • First place in all of first grade for advancing the furthest on iStation tests {scored a little over 4.5 years/grades above his grade level}
  • AB Honor Roll for this 9 weeks
  • Vast Vocabulary award

To say that we are proud is a huge understatement!! This boy surprises us every single day with how much he is growing and learning. And what most people don't know is that he does all of this while having ADHD {un-medicated}. He has to work so hard to focus each day and still accomplishes big things.  All Glory be to God!!!!


  1. Wow wow wow!!! Go Mason go!! You've got to be so proud!! And so glad school is almost done!

  2. Oh that Mason is such a smart and sweet boy. I can only imagine how proud y'all must be of him.

  3. Way to go Mason!! He's such a rockstar. Love the cool award certificates. So fun!

  4. So sweet, congratulations to you and him!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!