{This Past Weekend // Winery, Sleepovers, Carwash and Birthdays}

Oh my word! Does anyone else feel like their head is about to spin off? May is such a crazy month for us! All of the end of the year school activities, Mason's birthday week, gearing up for a weekend getaway, church events, PTO, etc. have kept me one busy woman. Mondays just don't happen around here. And if I'm being honest, it's 9:06 am on Tuesday and I am just now writing this post. Here's a look at this past weekend...

...Nathan and I had Friday off from work in order to attend Mason's Buddy Fun Day at his school. It was such a fun day and the rain actually cooperated for us. It had been showing a 60-90% chance of rain all week! The kids had a complete blast and got to run off a lot of energy that had been bottled up. There were bounce houses, waterballoons, games, chalk, bikes, hula hoops, jump ropes, basketball, whiffle ball, and a DJ. In and Out Burger even came out with a food truck to feed everyone. All day long I kept hearing kids say that this was the best day ever!! That's what it's all about - the kids!

...that evening Mason had a friend from church come to spend the night. Nathan stayed home with the boys and ordered them pizza. I went to a winery with friends from church for a lady's night out event. We had a friend from church with a booth at the event. She sells Perfectly Posh. Have you ever heard of it? I love all of the products I have bought so far. And, I am a sucker for cute packaging!! After the winery we went to Chili's for dinner. It was a fun mama's night out!

...Mason and his friend woke up bright and early at 7 am. I love that Mason has friends come and spend the night, but I am having to adjust to these early Saturday mornings. Mason is one that likes to sleep in until at least 10. I know it's an adjustment for him as well! We let them play for a couple of hours before we headed to the church for our youth's carwash event. But, not before going for donuts!!

...After the carwash we brought two boys with us for a McDonald's date {their choice}. Then they came back to the house to play for a bit. A little bit later another little friend and his mom came over as well as our neighbor! Our house was a revolving door for sweet guests and we loved it so much!

...That evening we had a birthday dinner for Michelle {Nate's brother's girlfriend} at a delicious Mexican food place in town. Then we went back for cake and ice cream! It was nice to visit with the whole family.

...After the birthday celebrating we headed out to pick up another friend from church to spend the night! The sunset/sky was glorious on the drive out there.

...We went to Sunday school and church! We heard an amazing sermon from one of our Pastors. Then we fellowshipped with a good ole Baptist potluck.

...Then it was time to celebrate a very special two year old's birthday! We love this sweet girl so much.

...We had to swing by the grocery store on the way home. Then it was supper, baths, reading and bedtime.

That's a wrap on our weekend. How was yours?

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  1. It sounds like y'all had a wonderful weekend. Ours was pretty relaxed, just what we needed. Isn't it so much fun to watch your kids have sleepovers. Our son is so excited that it's about to be summer and he can have friends over more. I love it, too because I love having a full house and knowing where they are.

    I'm going to have to participate in this link up next week. I'm struggling to write anything today!
    Have a lovely day, doll!

  2. What a fun weekend! The Buddy event sounds so great too.

  3. Mason's school sounds amazing! But I know its all the lovely parents on the PTA that make all this happen :)

  4. What a great weekend! I love how Mason likes to sleep until 10. My kids are the same way and they are in the minority!

  5. These weeks are just intense and the weekends are not Much better! But there is an end in sight right? Summer is so close!!

  6. So much celebrating and so many friends. I just love the community and family y'all have down there. Makes me crave some of that for us.

  7. You had me at winery ;)
    Sounds like you had the best weekend! I can't wait until Mason starts having sleep overs :)

  8. I love your weekend wrap-ups! Y'all are always so busy in the best way! Going to a winery seems so fun. You have amazing church friends. I can't wait for Jack to have friends stay the night. I hope your week is as amazing as your weekend!

  9. Your weekends are always so full of fun!


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