{What We're Reading // Vol. 5}

We're back for our fifth edition of "What We're Reading"! Thank you to all you that have linked up with us thus far. It's been fun to see what everyone else is reading each month. My book list is now never ending and I love it. I've recently rekindled my love for reading. I thought I loved a good paperback book, but it's proving easier to read on the Kindle app on my phone. Here is a look at what we are reading this month.


The first book I read this month {using Audible}was Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick. This happened after I binge-watched countless YouTube videos about Anna Kendrick. I liked her and was interested in her story. So, I downloaded the book on Audible. This book was fun and I loved getting a peek inside Kendrick's brain. However, there is a ton of cussing {f-bombs left and right} and some crude sex talk at times.

The second book I read this month was Thirteen Reasons Why. I'm sure you've heard the craze about the Netflix series based on this book by now. My cousin Mandy and her daughter Selena produced the Netflix show and I have been curious about it for a long time. I wanted to read the book before watching the show. I am weird like that! I just love how detailed the books are over the show. This book is heavy and powerful, eerie at times and eye opening.

We are really enjoying the "What if you Had" series. They are cute, imaginative, entertaining, funny and educational. So far we have the following:

What if you had animal ears?
What if you had animal feet?
What if you had animal teeth?
What if you had an animal nose?
What if you had animal hair?

Another book Mason is loving is Ripley's Believe It or Not! Kids - Fun Facts & Silly Stories - Vol. 5. When I saw this book at the store I knew that Mason would love it. He is always craving knowledge and loves to learn random things. I can't wait to get a couple more volumes for him to read.

What are you reading right now? 

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  1. I think my sons would love those books! My husband is a high school teacher and he said that show and book is so popular with his students right now. Naturally, I just heard about it randomly haha! I am always a little late to hear about the current favorites. It sounds like a heavy book!

  2. I love Anna Kendrick. She's adorable and fun! I want to read 13 REasons Why before seeing the series too. Worth the read?

  3. What a fun series for kids!!
    I need to look into audible books! I think I would enjoy that while I was working!

  4. The What If You Had series looks interesting!

  5. I have never heard of that series but you can guarantee I will be looking for them soon!

  6. I have wanted to read Anna's book! We stared watching the series of 13 Reasons which normally I don't do I too like to read first. About four episodes in now. I'm petrified of teen years!!

  7. Hubs and I want to watch 13 Reasons Why, but I'm worried that I'll be too anxious to watch. I just can't handle heavy stuff like that.

  8. I've never heard of that "If I had" series! Those books sound so fun! 13 Reasons Why is our next Netflix binge after Narcos, but I'm not sure the hubby will watch it

  9. ALWAYS books first! How cool your cousins produced the show, I havent watched it but my SIL (13) is obssessed.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!