{Remembering The Little Things // Vol. 1}

Joining some of my blog friends for a sweet little link-up called Remembering the Little Things. I try to jot down somewhere {Facebook, my blog, or a note in my phone} little moments and things that I want remembered, but sometimes I fail. These moments are fleeting and I want to remember every little thing of Mason's childhood. Therefore, I am trying to do better about documenting all of the things. Today I am sharing four little things I want to remember...

This first is this beautiful bracelet given to me by Mason. He gets AR points at school for reading books and every so often gets to cash those points in on a prize. Well, instead of picking out something for himself Mason used his points to get me this turquoise bracelet. He said that he knew I would love it because turquoise is my favorite color! And boy was he right!! I adore it and will treasure it always.

The second thing I want to remember I do not have a picture for. It happened one night while Nathan was putting Mason to bed. Nate heard a few sniffles and turned to look at Mason. Mason says,
These are happy tears, Dad. I just love you and mom so much. I never want to lose y'all. I understand how hard it is to be a parent...cooking and cleaning and putting me to sleep every day. You and Mom do so much for me. 
He's SIX y'all! Oh my heart. I can't get enough of this precious boy.

The third thing happened before school the other day. Mason asked me how many bibles I have {I guess he has seen me with a few different ones} so I grabbed them and began telling him how I use each one. Then I told him that I will pass down my bibles to him one day. That I want him to see the words I wrote and how I studied the bible. He leans in to me with tear filled eyes and says,
Thank you, mom. These are happy tears. I love you.
Then I remembered that I had a kids bible from when I was younger and that I used when I taught an Elementary school age Sunday school class. I wanted to pass it down to him when he was old enough to read it. He was so happy!

And the fourth happened yesterday! Mason's school uses a bead system to promote good behavior. They get beads for doing good things; good character, listening to the teacher, turning in things on time, helping others, manners, etc. Once every 9 weeks they get to cash in their beads for prizes. Well, once again Mason used some of his beads to buy something for me. He brought me home a whole box of rings! He couldn't wait to show me when he got in the car. He said, I wanted to give one to Mrs. Morgan, but I wanted to make sure it was okay with you first. And then he asked to give one to his best friend's mom.

I love his sweet and tender little heart. He is the best part of me and I am so thankful God trusted me with Mason!

What is something you want to remember this month?


  1. You are raising such an amazing little boy. My goodness is he a blessing. I love his kind and tender heart so much. Great job Momma!

  2. What a sweet, sweet boy! Love that bracelet he got you!

  3. Mason has the sweetest soul. You are doing such a good job, momma!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. Those sweet words! I just can't believe what a sweet soul and how empathetic he is. What he said when he was being tucked in...that brought tears to MY eyes (and I'm not even his Mom, haha). I love that he thought of you when he cashed in his points too. That is just amazing. Thanks so much for linking up! Hope you look back at this someday and it brings back those small little memories!

  5. You are definitely doing something right, Crystal. Mason sounds like the most caring and compassionate little boy and he is going to do amazing things one day. You should be really proud.

  6. He is just the best. That bracelet is BEAUTIFUL friend. It perfectly suits you!

  7. So many sweet moments you never want to forget! Love all of these!

  8. He is so sweet using his points to buy you presents!

  9. I LOVE that Mason opted to use his points on gifts for you rather than something for himself. That boy is the sweetest! And his comment about loving you guys and understanding how hard it is to be a parent. He is amazing. Thanks for linking up, Crystal!

  10. You seriously have the sweetest boy on the planet! Melt this Momma's heart.


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