{Another lost tooth}

Mason, age 6 years and 11.5 months

Mason lost his 2nd baby tooth Sunday night. Well, he didn't technically lose it.
It was pulled.
By Nate.
While Mason was asleep...

Back-tracking a bit...the tooth was very, very lose and ready to come out, but Mason did not want to pull it because of the blood. The boy does not like the sight of blood. It makes him squeamish like no other. We tried every which way to Sunday to get him to pull it and he just couldn't do it. The tooth was barely hanging on. I don't blame him though...it was making me light headed as well.

Nathan asked Mason if he wanted him to get some string and tie it to his tooth and then the truck to pull it. Nathan was joking, but of course Mason was all about that. Nathan got some dental floss and tried to tie the tooth, but Mason changed his mind in the middle of it. I should probably note that Nate had zero intentions of actually pulling the tooth by the truck. He was just going to have Mason pull the floss. However, Mason did go to school and tell his teacher all about this plan. I can only imagine the look on his teacher's face! ha.

Mason asked Nathan to just pull it out when he was asleep so that he couldn't see any blood. Nathan went into his room about an hour after he was asleep to check out his tooth. Nathan barely touched it and it just fell out. No blood. Thank God! I didn't even think about him being asleep and not being able to rinse out his mouth afterward.

When Mason woke up the next morning I said, "Good morning bud. Let's go see if the toothfairy came"! He jumped up and said, "It's out? It's really out?" He was so excited!!! The toothfairy left his money in his little pillow in our living room. She's smart and knew that would help his mama get him out of bed for school that morning! I sure do love that toothfairy. And I love his sleepy little face in these next few photos.

After school that afternoon Mason let me take some pictures for him. Actually, he said I could take 198 pictures. I had given him $1.98 for something and in return he was going to give me 198 pictures. haha. I love this kid! While I didn't quite take 198, I did snap as many as I could as quickly as I could before he changed his mind.

Oh man! He's so precious to me. I can't get enough of this sweet boy. Thank you Jesus for making me his mama! And thank you for his logic on returning a favor to me by way of pictures. ha!

We had recently gotten some son so his freckles were out in full force. This is also the reason for his rosy cheeks.
It was all his idea to take pictures with Diesel.
The pictures where was a laughing are a result of potty humor talk. Gets him every time! Boys!


  1. Loose teeth freak me out. I have already told James that he has to tackle those when it's time for that transition.

  2. Zachary was like that with his teeth. I'd have to sit on him and touch his tooth so it would come out, but he'd scream if I tried to get him to do it! lol. Simon has lost 3 so far! 2 on the top and 1 on the bottom. It's been easier for him, they come out while he's eating! I love the pictures you got here!

  3. He looks so stinkin' cute with that huge gap in the front! And his tooth fairy pillow is seriously cute also! Etsy? I think we're a ways away from my Mason losing any teeth, but one can never be too prepared!

  4. This cracks me up! Henry has a tooth hanging by a thread and he won't let us touch it. It's driving me crazy!

  5. Loose teeth, ugh, we haven't had to deal with it yet, but oh my goodness, yuck! I am not looking forward to pulling teeth or dealing with that. Still debating on how to handle the whole tooth fairy thing...

  6. Bless that sweet boy's heart!! I was the same way when I was little. I would only let my grandmother pull my teeth because she was the only one who could do it and not make it hurt. I am dreading when Jacob loses his first tooth because he always freaks out about every tiny thing!! It's going to be a disaster, I'm sure! Haha.

  7. Awh yay!!! I used to always pull my own teeth out but now I'm totally turned off by it! Letty has so many loose I feel like all of a sudden she will have none!!

  8. Oh my goodness I am swooning. Missing front teeth is my favorite, ever! Emily's are getting pretty loose!


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