{The Guys Behind the Blog // May edition}

Time for the Guys Behind the Blog - May edition!! I love getting to feature Nate on the blog each month and always look forward to his answers! Most of the time I can predict exactly how he would answer them and sometimes he totally surprises me. Here are his answers for May's edition of The Guys Behind the Blog.

Questions for May
1.) Road Trips or Airplanes?
They both have their place. Road trips allow you to enjoy the journey. Airplanes allow you to enjoy the destination more.

2.) If you could go anywhere this summer where would it be?
A beach. Any beach.

3.) Would you rather live in a small beach town? Or in the Mountains?
I could live at either and be completely happy. Both offer different things that I love.

4.) What are some of your favorite road trip destinations?
Port Aransas, Galveston, Colorado, New Mexico and the Texas Hill Country.

5.) If you were making a road trip playlist what songs would you include?
Mine would all be Texas Country. Road trips and singer song writers go hand in hand.

June Questions
{goes live 6/29}
1.) What is your summer beverage of choice?
2.) The ocean...are you a fan or not?  Why? Why not?
3.) Tell me what the perfect summer day with your family would look like?
4.) What was your best summer vacation ever? Why?
5.) What is the perfect summer temperature for you?

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