{Weekend Wrap-up}

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This past weekend we went camping with my family in their new camper. We camped at Navarro Mills in Purdon, TX. It was a nice & quaint little campground. The campsites are covered by tall trees so it's very shaded. Our site was just a few down from the park and the beach/swimming area. The boys loved that! Even Gunner. He had so much fun at the playground. And for whatever reason he constantly chased my nephew. It was funny!

We headed down on Friday around 4:45 pm and stayed until Sunday. The camping grounds were only about an hour from our house, so it wasn't too much traveling. Friday evening we hung out with my sister, brother in law and 2 nephews until my parents got there and then grilled some burgers. The boys fished a bit that evening while us girls sat outside and talked. Mason didn't last too long fishing. He came back and told us "It was my very first time and I just wanted to catch a fish, but I couldn't wait." ha! That evening he ended up falling off the bed in the camper and bit his lip pretty good. It bled and was a little swollen. He only cried for a minute and of course when Dad got back from fishing he couldn't wait to tell him he was bleeding! This was injury #1 of the weekend.

Saturday morning we woke up and all migrated outside. After breakfast we headed to Waco to the Academy in search of new bags for cornhole, but came back with $145 worth of stuff and no cornhole bags. We got Gunner a new kennel, bed and leash and Mason found a backpack and lunch bag for school. Oh, and they had their flip flops on sale for $5.99. It was a good thing I grabbed a couple of pair because my favorite ones ended up breaking the very next day! 

Saturday afternoon/evening we played at the park and the boys went for a swim in the lake/beach area. Then we grilled some grub and ate. Nate moved the grill away from our sitting area to cool and Mason kept going near it. We kept telling him it was very, very hot and would burn him. BUT, he just had to find out for himself. He ran over before we could stop him {we yelled, but it didn't phase him} and it barely touched it with his pointer finger. It got him! Not horribly bad, but enough for him to cry for a solid 15 minutes. The only relief was holding it in a cold glass of tea. I was trying to distract him and see if he wanted to go to the park. He said, "Yes Mama, that will make me feel better." So off to the park we went. But, we had to bring the cup of tea and he kept putting his finger in it. He didn't play much because his finger was hurting. He kept his burnt little finger submerged into a cup of cold liquid until he finally passed out around 10:45 ish. That was injury #2. 

There were no more injuries after that, but a few near misses! Boys are wild!! 

Sunday was busy packing up and coming home. We were home before noon on Sunday. It was nice because it gave us time to unload & unpack and clean and do laundry before beginning the work week.

We enjoyed camping and I think we are going back 2 weekends from now for my sister's birthday weekend!

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That was our weekend in a nutshell. How was yours?

PS - blogger is not emailing me all of my comments from my blog. Grr. I looked at a previous post to test my email settings {google+ is resetting so many people back to no-reply} and there were 11 comments on the post. I only had 5 of those emailed to me. Any clue why this is happening? So if you commented and I didn't reply, this is why.

Happy Monday!
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  1. You always take so many great pictures and capture all the little moments of life - I love it! Sometimes blogger will email me one email that has several comments in one mass email - not sure if that's what's happening to you but I thought I'd mention it so you could check and see! It makes me not notice comments sometimes!!

  2. Sounds like a great and relaxing weekend (despite the burn. Loved all of your pictures!

  3. What an awesome weekend! LOVE your pictures, especially of that little cutie pie! :)


  4. I think Aria will be the learn from doing type. And I just know she is going to stick her finger on the hot thing no matter how many times I tell her it will hurt. sigh. But, I'm thinking once will be enough because burns suck big time. Poor guy!
    Love the pic of Gunner in his crate belly up. I have one of those haha, Baxter loves sleeping like that. His tummy is a little rounder though =)
    You go on all the fun adventures! I am so not outdoorsy.

  5. Sounds like so much fun (minus the injuries)! I don't typically like camping (it's just not my thing) but you made it sound so fun that I might just want to go! Poor Mason and his injuries, but sounds like he had a blast despite all of them! Love all your pictures!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!