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As you all know five, almost 6 weeks ago we got a new puppy. He's {now} a 13 week old Yellow Lab that seems to grow by the minute! Each day he is eating more and more and we are finding ourselves going through dog food more quickly. Gunner's current food is $55 a bag and can only be bought at a local pet store. Expensive and inconvenient!

When I had the opportunity to try and review Purina Beyond from H-E-B I was more than excited. For one, it's a natural ingredient high end food at a really great price and two, they sell it at my favorite grocery store H-E-B. We shop at H-E-B weekly and at this rate, we may need dog food weekly! I checked out their website and they have a section where you can compare their food with other brands. Purina Beyond is even better than the expensive food we had been giving Gunner and it costs a whole lot less, too.

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 And of course as our little Gunner grows we want to nourish him with the best food.  We are very picky about what goes in his mouth and stomach. We do not allow him to eat table food and therefore we want him to eat a nice fulfilling dog food. Purina Beyond uses Natural ingredients/real meat, fish or poultry - no by product, corn, wheat or soy! Perfect!

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Gunner has been eating the Purina Beyond for 4 days now and has been doing great! The first time he tried it he gulped it down so quickly that he made himself sick. It wasn't fun, but I guess that says something for the taste of the food because he couldn't eat it fast enough! I will admit, I was a little worried when he threw up the food. But, it didn't take long to realize that it was because he drank too much water and then ate the food too fast. Gunner eats 3 times a day and he hasn't gotten sick anymore. I was also worried about his stomach getting upset by switching foods, but that hasn't happened either.

He's been a happy camper! Looks like we will be switching to Purina Beyond!!

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  1. Oh my goodness that puppy is SO cute! I never heard of HEB until I moved out here. It's crazy how busy it always is!

  2. Our dog is much older and tends to be picky regarding his food but I may be able to convince him to give this a try!

  3. Gunner is precious!! :) I don't think we have a HEB anywhere near us, lol

  4. Soooo cute! I love his little fat belly and how he sits! I think it's great that you found another option for your little guy to eat that is more convenient. :)

  5. Hey lady! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out the deets at www.anuncomplicatedlifeblog.com

    Showing as many Texas bloggers love as possible :)

  6. Omgosh your puppy is so cute!! I'm glad you were able to find a better food for Gunner!


  7. oo I'll have to tell my mom about this food for her little baby lol

  8. Cute dog! I don't have pets myself, but this sounds like a great thing. Wouldn't want to feed a beloved pet crap I wouldn't eat myself. Ingredient wise speaking.

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  9. He's such an adorable dog! We don't have a dog right now but when we get one (next year!) I'll consult with you of how Gunner is doing and what food he's eating!

  10. Sadly, right now I don't have any pets. I can't wait until I can get a puppy and I'll definitely have to remember this brand then. Thanks for sharing.

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