{Jake makes the escape...}

Happy Thursday friends!

So, my window in my home office overlooks the front of our property and our street...I look out to see something casually strolling down the road away from our house. I couldn't make out what it was at first. I went on the porch to get a better look...

JAKE!!!!!! Our family donkey is out of his pen and walking down the road. He'd walk, stop to get a bite and then look back and I am almost certain he was laughing & smiling. Like haha, I got out and am getting away. 

I text and then call my brother in law who is usually my hero in times like this, but he was a couple of towns away. 

I grab one of Gunner's collars and leashes & my keys and hop in my car. No way I am about to walk down there and end up on a wild goose chase in 100+ degree weather. Oh and in my pajama pants, too. Hot Mess Express, Hello!! Oh and don't even ask me what I was going to do with the collar and leash from inside my car. I have no clue.

I got to the end of the road where he was feasting on a neighbor's yard, park my car and get out and head towards him. He starts running back towards our house. So I turn my car around and follow him. He makes a pit stop at a neighbor's house who's horse is at the fence-line {watching the free circus show, I am sure} so I have to get out again and chase him off. I finally get him in our yard and at the back of our property. I came in to put my keys and the leash up and rushed  back out to make sure he wasn't having a buffet lunch in the garden. 

He wasn't. But, he was plotting his next escape plan... I am sure of it. So, I run around the other side of the house to chase him back closer to his area/pen, laughing at myself the whole time. I finally get his stubborn self over to the other side and look up only to see one of our elderly neighbors (who's property backs up to ours) on her back porch watching! 

This kind of stuff only happens when Nate is gone, I tell you. And anytime I am doing anything embarrassing my neighbor is sure to be out. 

I guess I should just be thankful I had on a bra this time.

Alas, all is well and Jake is back in his pen.

Just a typical work day....eh

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What's a day in your life like? ;)
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  1. Hahahaha!! This made my day!! Glad you got him home safe :D (The last time i had that much excitement was when my sisters piglet escaped and i had to chase him down the road in pj's and flip flops! Gosh piglets run fast!)

  2. I have to admit...I am at my desk and audibly laughing. The picture of him casually sauntering down your sweet is just too much! Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh that is jus too funny! Only in Texas. :) My best friend has a couple of acres and a ton of animals, and she always has the funniest stories about what ends up escaping. She had a pig in her pantry the other day. I mean…hilarious.
    Here's to a great weekend!

  4. hahah!!!! That is the cutest!!! I pet-sat for a family friend while I was in high school and they had a donkey... he was ALWAYS escaping!! :)

  5. bahahah that is awesome!!! Freeeeedom! and nibbles.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!