{Pre-K // Week 1 & 2 Wrapup}

We are almost finished with our 2nd week of Pre-K. Wahoo! First of all, I can't say enough good things about Fire House Kids. The way those teachers love those kids will melt your Mama heart in an instant. From the minute you walk in the doors you feel a sense of peace, happiness and love. And it just confirms over and over again that we are in the right place! God called us here for a reason!

Week one went great! Mason went Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday without any tears at drop off. Thursday and Friday included tears. I wrote more about that yesterday. You can see that post here. Mason freaks out about nap time because he just does not like naps! He loves school, but dreads naps every day. Monday after school he wanted to draw his teacher a picture. He drew pictures of what he loved about her class and then he drew a  little boy laying down {complete with a dream bubble} with a slash through it. He asked me to write, "Can we please not do nap time" next to the drawing! haha. Ms Mistty got a pretty good laugh out of it. His sweet teacher started leaving her watch with him {she lunches during part of their nap time} and told him that when the clock turned 2:00pm she would be back. He asked her if it would beep at him when it turned two. ha! Anyhow, it made him feel better and gave him a 'mission' during nap time. One day he even asked Ms. Mistty if she could just grab a small lunch and get back to him really quick. She thought it was sweet and hilarious! She called me to tell me all about it and we both cracked up! Thursday was Pajama Day! Mason and I both look forward to pajama days. He can just sleep in what he is wearing the next day and all I have to do is put shoes on him the next morning! Win // Win!!! Friday was show & tell. Mason took his baseball trophy & medal and wore his jersey. There's a picture of him below showing & telling.

Week two has gone great, but many tears have been shed in the mornings. Ms. Mistty is so great to try to find something for Mason to do to make him happy. Mason has a couple of laser lights with different things on them; an astronaut, a dinosaur and a pirate skull and crossbones and his teacher will turn off all the lights and let Mason show them to the class. Mason also met a new 'friend' this week{teacher that is with them at nap time}. She lets Mason sit with her and chat instead of sleeping. He was pretty excited about that. They started curriculum this week, so it has been fun to see Mason's work come home with him in the evenings. They also had a little birthday party for a classmate and she brought them cupcakes with little toy dinosaurs on top. Mason loved it. He's on a dinosaur kick this week.

They also started a 'class pet' this week. It's a stuffed puppy that a different kid will take home with them each week. His teacher encourages them to take pictures and notes about their adventures with their family. And they will also start a "student of the week" starting in September. So much to look forward too.

I'm really excited about this school year. We are so blessed to have Ms Mistty as a teacher and to be in a wonderful Christian facility.

 photo PreK-first2weeks_zpsc9fac8e6.png

Has your child started Pre-K? How is it going?


  1. My Axle starts Pre-K next week. He went last year and cried every single day. I can only hope this year is much better. I'm so glad Mason is adjusting well. Before you know it there will be no tears!

  2. Wow, his teacher sounds amazing!! I'm so glad that she finds ways to calm his nerves when he's getting upset! :) Aleah started preschool too and it's been going great! She absolutely loves it!! :) She had her first show & tell Friday too and chose to take her Toddler Bible. Made me so proud! :)


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!