{Mason goes to Pre-K // first day}

First of all, thank you to all of those that kept us in thought and prayer about starting Pre-K. They were definitely felt! The morning could not have went better!!

I couldn't sleep last night! I felt like I was going to school the next day, even had the stomach ache for old times sake, I suppose. I drifted off sometime after 1 while holding my sweet little baby. My sweet little baby who is not so much of a baby anymore. My sweet little baby that was going to Pre-K the next day....

Nathan and I woke up a little before Mason to get ready, get Gunner fed and taken outside and to get everything ready for his big day! We let Gunner wake up Mason because we knew that was sure to wake him in a good mood! And it did. He was cracking up because Gunner kept sitting on his head. Nate and I walked back into the living room to finish getting everything ready and Mason came trotting in there full of smiles. Nate scooped him up and I told Mason I was putting his glasses case in his backpack for when he needed to take them off at naptime. And Nate reminded him not to let his friends play with them. Mason went into this big spill how he will not let his friends play with his glasses because they might scratch them or break them. It was cute...and definitely comforting that he was talking about going to school. A good start!

I got him dressed while Nate took Gunner out again. He was excited! He even made me change his shoes because he wanted to wear his "new back to school shoes". I let him even though the OCD in me wanted him to wear the chucks that matched. It's his day and if he wants to wear shoes that don't match, then so be it! We got his back to school shoes on and then he said those two dreaded words, I'm scared. I told him there was nothing to be scared about and that he was going to have so much fun. And he was good to go!

He picked out 2 little skateboards to take with him. One for him and one for a friend. 

I asked Mason if we could take a couple of pictures for his first day and he says, "No, I just really want to get to school" but I somehow convinced him to take a few! 

I asked him if he wanted to hear any music on the way there and of course he chose Gangnam Style....twice.  And he sang his little heart out all the way to the donut store. We got donuts and a milk and were on our way. We talked about happy stuff all the way there and he told us how much he loved his backpack and lunchbox. 

We got to school and started walking up to his classroom. Just as we reached the top of the stairs Mason was scooped up by his 3 year old teacher and showered in lots of hugs and kisses!! I know that it helped to put his little first day jitters at ease! After visiting with Ms Brittan we headed to Mason's new classroom. We were the only ones in there for a bit. Then a little boy came in and Mason played blocks with him. Not much longer his teacher and a group of kids came in. Mason gave his teacher her little first day of class gift and then went to play. They had a car mat and a bag full of hot-wheels and she said they could play! He was excited. His worry has been that his new classroom doesn't have any toys! 

We were saying our goodbyes and his sweet teacher offered to take a picture of all three of us. Mason didn't cry and barely even looked up from playing to tell us Goodbye! 

He did so well. And he was so big. I just can't believe we have a Pre-Kindergartner!!! Where has the time gone? 

And pictures from my phone...

Praying he has a good day!

Happy Monday friends!


  1. Oh my goodness he is so precious! Praying that he has a wonderful first day of school! Will be thinking about you sweet friend!


  2. How sweet are those back to school pictures! Hoping his first day is great! How were YOU after you dropped him off?

  3. Awww, so cute! He looks so grown up in the pictures!

  4. Oh my gosh, he looks so grown up! Hope he had a wonderful first day :)

  5. So cute!! He will have tons of fun this year Mom- don't worry. :)


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!