{Weekend Wrap-up - Jellystone Park}

Good morning and Happy Monday! As I mentioned on Oh Hey Friday, we went camping yet again this weekend. {Ps - when I say camping I mean in a camper...with AC. Too hot in Texas to tent camp!!} We went to Rustic Creek Ranch {Jellystone} in Burleson, TX. This was our 4th time to go there and I think it gets more fun every time!!

Mason went down on Thursday evening with his Grandparents and we joined them Friday around 5:30 pm. When we pulled up Mason was riding on one of their Fire Engines and having a blast! They have an activity almost every hour. At 6:00 they rode the trains through the park and at 7:00 they went on the Hey Hey Hey Ride. Only this time it involved water! Nate and Jay took the boys and they came back soaked!!! Campers and workers had hoses and buckets of water to throw on them. Needless to say, they weren't too prepared to throw water back. That evening we just hung out and ate and talked. 

 photo Jellystone1_zps1a53a0f2.jpg

 photo Jellystone5_zpsb71f70d2.jpg

Saturday morning we woke up and got ready for Pirates Cove! Mason and Kolton were so excited about going to the Water park!! I will be honest and say that going into this day I was not too excited or thrilled about it. I've never been much of a water park kind of girl. Give me mountains and snow!! But, I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided I was going to have a good time!!! The boys were the firs to hit the slides, of course. Ashley and I hung out in the shin-deep water and waited for them. Mason and Nate came down and Mason was crying! He was ticked off at the world and wouldn't even let me console him. He was upset because Nate made him go down the slide. They got all the way to the top and Mason changed his mind, but there were too many people behind them to try to walk down the stairs in the opposite direction. So, Nate made him go down the slide {knowing he'd love it}. We gave Mason a couple of minutes to cool off and then he says, "I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN"!!! So up they went.

Ashley and I joined them on their third time up! Mason and I rode a couple of rides together and then Mason rode a bunch of them by himself! He was such a big boy!!! He even did the water - hamster ball - thing and did great! He was able to stand and walk more than the 5 or so kids we saw. We stayed for about 3.5 hours and then decided to go inside to the arcade to let the boys play. They did! Mason had about 388 tickets and he was able to get so many little prizes. He was excited!! 

I didn't get any pictures from the waterpark because I didn't want to get my phone wet. I didn't take my waterproof case and didn't want to chance it. 

After the waterpark we headed back to get lunch. We ended up playing the game "Heads Up" with the entire group {11 of us} for hours and hours. That evening the boys did the firetrucks and trains again. Kolton, Ashley and Jay did laser tag and paintball. And at 7 us adults did the hey hey hey heyride again and were prepared to throw water back. Mason opted out of this one! He was cold and freezing the night before and didn't care to do that again. It was a blast!! That evening we played Heads Up, again. It was hilarious and so much fun! 

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 photo Jellystone6_zps005e0e21.jpg

Sunday morning Nate and I went for a walk with Gunner. We walked to the lake and back. It wasn't too hot out and the park was quiet! 

 photo Jellystone2_zps4e034eac.jpg
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Then it was time to pack up and head home! Of course the first thing we wanted after unloading was Ozzy's Snowcones! It was 104 degrees out and we hadn't been to Ozzy's in quite a while. So we went! But not before playing at home first....

 photo HallAroundTexas1_zps4edc45a8.png
 photo HallAroundTexas2_zps0b6cc30c.png

And then a huge storm hit! Nate left to get food and Mason and I were just about to settle down in my bed to do eye-patch therapy time and I hear it raining. Gunner was whining so I went to look outside and see wind and rain blowing from every direction. And there was stuff flying everywhere. I couldn't open either door to get a better look because wind and rain was hitting both doors so hard. I twas frightening! I grabbed both boys and headed to my closet. We sat there a while until I heard it calm down a bit. The aftermath was crazy! It picked up and moved Mason's little tikes playhouse and tore it apart, threw our patio furniture about 15 feet away, picked up and moved Nate's yeti cooler that was still full from the weekend, threw our big outdoor trash into my car {ugh}, broke trees, tore up the garden, etc. It was wild! 

Oh and we were without electricity from 6pm until 2 am. Thank God for good insulation and pella windows!!

How was your weekend?


  1. What a fun weekend! I loved the insta pic this weekend of the boys in their capes. :) Too cute!

  2. Woah that storm is crazy! Although I would categorize that more than a storm in my book. Your "camping" sounds like a ton of fun!

  3. Crystal, you guys camping with AC had me laughing! But then again you won't find me camping when it's really hot out! 100 degrees? There's just no way! Mason looks super cool wearing those glasses. Oh my goodness! I sure hope that storm didn't damage too much of your things! I am glad you guys are okay :-)

  4. How fun!!!! I love how parents can trick their kids like that. That sounds bad but what I mean is we KNOW the kids will like it, no matter how much they protest, so we do it anyway, they get mad and then, like Mason said, I want to do it again! So much fun! And your pictures are gorgeous!!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!