{It's the Little Things - Snapping}

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For as long as I can remember Mason has wanted to learn two things...


His Daddy has spent many a hours trying to teach him both. {I can't whistle for anything}

Well, Mason has finally mastered snapping. And it makes him so darn happy. He walks around snapping all day everyday. I told Nate can you imagine the day he learns to whistle? We better brace ourselves for that.

It's definitely the little things...

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  1. That's cute, video of the snapping please :) When i was in 7th grade I wanted to learn how to whistle with my fingers, you know when people put their fingers in the mouth and whistle super loud? It took me a couple of days and almost passing out, but I got it and it's the best conversation starter/finding people in crowded places that I've ever learned.

  2. Sweet!! I can't snap or whistle and I'm in my thirties! Go Mason!!

    <3 Sarita

  3. aww that is so cute. Aria likes to mimic when we snap. I bet she'll be so proud when it works one of these days....years. Way to go Mason!

  4. I can't whistle & I can only snap w my right hand. I think AJ may be in trouble!


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