{It's the Little Things - PreK Meet the Teacher night}

Last night was Meet The Teacher night at Mason's school. I wasn't sure how it was going to go. Mason took the Summer off and he wasn't too keen about getting a new teacher when he returned. He absolutely adored his teacher he had in the 3's room and really couldn't fathom being in a different room. A few days ago his Pre-K teacher sent him a letter. It was addressed and written too him. He thought it was neat. He said, "I guess she's not so bad after all"! haha.

Anyhow, fast forward to last night. He invited his Nana and Papa and uncle T-Ty to go with us. They are very much a part of his life and they also pick him up from school on occasion. We pulled up and Mason started getting so excited and jumping up and down! It calmed my Mama heart so much! He couldn't wait to get in.

First things first we went to to see his previous teacher and say hi! Then we trucked on over to the "Chiefs" room for a meeting with all three teachers. After the quick little meeting we headed over to the classroom to meet his teacher and check out the digs. I was fighting back the tears! His classroom now is a lot different than his last one. It's a real school room complete with real desks and books! It was a little overwhelming!! But good too, I suppose.

His new teacher went through everything in his take home folder and their daily schedule. And then we had a form to fill out with contact information for his teacher to stay in contact with us. While I was filling out the form the Firehouse dog came by and Mason was entirely too excited!

We wrapped everything up and headed out. When we were in the van we were talking about the school and how awesome it was. 

Mason pipes in and says...

"I"m so excited to have homework. I've never had homework before."

And I am documenting this because...well...I am almost certain he will not be saying this in his middle school/high school years!

Oh man this is so bittersweet! I just can't believe that my baby is old enough for Pre-K. Cannot.believe.it. But then I am happy and excited for him to get to learn. Not only his letters, numbers, writing, etc. but also about JESUS! So thankful to have found a place that we love and trust with our baby and one that will also teach from a Christian curriculum!!

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  1. Aww, the school sounds wonderful!! My Aleah is going to Pre-K this year too and I'm SO nervous!! Our Open House is Monday! :)

  2. oh man, that had me tearing up!! I love how excited he was, and it just sounds so awesome! I'm just plum excited for you guys =) Such a big kid. wow. You have a kid and you kind of get wrapped up in the baby stage, and then bam that is over before you know it...next thing you know it is school time! My gosh. I love that you found such a great place for him to go! That worries me, all I've heard is that FL has such low schools. I went to private school, but I'm not sure we will be able to afford that. But, I'd sure love if we could.

  3. He is such a big boy now. PreK is a big step glad he is excited and you can see it on his face to cute,

  4. This is so cute! "I guess she's not that bad after all" haha. The way to his heart...mail addressed to him. He's the sweetest! Hope he has the BEST school year!

  5. What an Awesome school!! It sounds like your wee man is in for a fun year!! Lachy's just started kindy, and i was so worried about how he would go (Day Care didn't end up going so well), but the kindy and his teachers are just wonderful!! It's such a relief!


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