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Nathan and I were talking yesterday about Mason and school and how we love the fact that FHK hand picks each child for a teacher based on their needs and personality. In the threes class we were blessed with such a sweet teacher that Mason adored. And now here we are in Pre-K and they couldn't have put Mason with a sweeter, better teacher. She has been nothing but kind and understanding. Mason and I are attached at the hip and we have a touch of separation anxiety. Mornings have been a little hard for the last 5 or so days. Mason cries when I leave and it rips my heart apart. He cries not because he doesn't like school but because he doesn't want me to leave. It's so hard on my Mama heart! But, his teacher is so incredibly sweet...she will send me a quick text or a picture of Mason just a bit later to reassure me that Mason is happy and having a good day. It totally turns my day around. And this is just one of the sweet little things she does for us. I will have a whole Pre-K post soon!

What little things are making your heart happy this week?

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  1. that is so incredibly sweet of his teacher. I"m afraid we're going to have that same separation anxiety, but I'm hoping we don't! Fingers crossed, we have a week and half left.

  2. He is the sweetest, what a great teacher!!

  3. Teachers like that are priceless
    My son has attachment issues too. We have been very fortunate thus far with teachers. I'm praying we continue to be for several more years.

  4. Oh that is just so perfect - that they match kids with teachers like that. I wish we treated education a little more person by person, although I'm sure that would just be daunting. Total bonus that you get a reassuring txt or pic later too. That really is the sweetest.

  5. Such a sweet teacher! Seriously. How amazing is the school that he goes to to put him with such great teachers? Such a blessing!

  6. No way!! You receive texts and/or picture updates about Mason from his teacher?! That's awesome! I hope we get lucky like that once it's time for Maylee to go to pre-K. I think it's amazing that they match the kids with teachers. It tells me that they really care ♥


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!