{Blog every day in September // Introduce yourself}

Howdy! I missed posting this yesterday because we were traveling back for our Labor Day weekend getaway. So, I'm playing catchup! I'm so excited to join this Blog every day in September challenge. Not sure if I will post every day, but I will try!

Monday, Sept. 1: Reintroduce yourself to your readers.

I'm Crystal. I'm 33. I married my high school sweetheart, Nathan in 2006. We dated for 10 years before we said I do. {yep, that's 18 years total} Nine short months later we traded the city life for the country life and moved to a rural area about 40 miles South of Dallas in the Lone Star State! And...we haven't looked back. Our hometown was quickly {and sadly} becoming not such a great place to live anymore and we knew that we didn't want to raise our children there. And we were ready for babies!

I am a Senior Account Manager for a List Marketing/Advertising firm. As of last October I work from home full time. It has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. It has given me back so much more time with my boys. I am also thankful I don't have to drive to/from Dallas every day! I enjoy reading, taking pictures, going to baseball games, spending as much time as possible with my boys, blogging and crafting. I use purple shampoo to keep the yellow out of my hair and yellow concealer to cover the purple under my eyes. A walking contradiction, I suppose. Fall is my most absolute favorite time of the year and I am so ready for it. Pumpkin patches, pumpkin candles, pumpkin spice everything...YES please!! I love Jesus, reading the bible and doing bible studies. Right now I am digging into Hosea with the She Reads Truth gals.

Nathan works for Lockheed Martin, Fire and Missiles Control. He loves hunting, fishing, camping, baseball and anything else outdoors. He also loves Mason and I something fierce. He also loves {and is very good at} dog training! He's been working with Gunner in the evenings and of course the weekends and Gunner knew all of the basic commands plus some the first few days we had him. Nathan is also very competitive at everything he does...always making tings interesting!

In May of 2010 we welcomed our sweet little guy, Mason Lane. He has kept us on our toes since. He's witty, hilarious and so very sweet. He's my little best friend. Mason just started Pre-K a couple of weeks ago and is growing entirely too fast. He loves Legos, games on his iPad, reading books, hearing stories {both fiction and non fiction}, playing outside, driving his Jeep Power Wheels, and pretty much any kind of playing. He hates nap time and bed time and has been known to pray to Jesus to 'please not make night time anymore'.

We added on to our little family in June by way of a Yellow Lab named Gunner Gage. He's a pain in the rear most days, but aren't all puppies? I forgot how hard the puppy training stage was. But, we love him dearly and can't wait for he and Mason to grow up together. They will be best buds!

We also have a kitten named Gabby, but she lives outside. And we also have a miniature Donkey {who also lives outside!}. I'm trying to talk Nathan into getting a couple of floppy eared goats...but it's not working! I can't wait for Mason to get into 4H or FFA so that we can have other farm animals.  

As a family we love spending time together...just going to Cabelas {or any outdoors store}, to a boat or rv show, going out to eat, or traveling. We especially love to travel and do new things. Nathan prefers the beach...give me the mountains. We do a fair share of both.

And for the number 1 question we get asked every other minute...."Are you going to have more kids?" We are undecided. We are very content right now and just enjoying our time as a family of 3. God may have other plans for us and that's okay.

That's pretty much us in a nutshell.  I know that the prompt was to introduce myself, but there is no me without my boys!


  1. Love this, since I am a relatively new reader, good to get another meet and greet :) I didn't know your husband worked at Lockheed in Dallas. I used to work a lot with Lockheed in Dallas, but I switch programs, so no longer...nice to "meet" you again :)

  2. I love this! Your so right, when your a mom and wife, your family is what makes you :)

  3. How fun! Are you doing this through another blog, or are you posting the daily questions? I need to get back in blogging, and WANT to, just hard getting inspiration!

  4. I just found your blog via the blog-tember link up. I'm a Texas girl too...and we Iive about 35 miles southeast of Dallas! : Excited to read more from you this month!

  5. Love - Love - Love this and you sooo much!
    This is great inspiration to blog this month. lol

  6. Love this! Loved learning more about you! I feel like I never really knew because I started reading somewhere in the middle.


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