Dr Appt - 39w5d


Our sonogram and appt went well. Mason passed another BPP sonogram! Yay! His movements and heartbeat were great! My fluids measured about a 20, so that was good. Not too high and haven't increased, thank God!

The appt went well too. I had to do an NST test to track his movements for a period of time. Everything went well with that too. Dr Greve came in at one point and said, your due date is Friday - we need to talk about inducing. I said, "Tomorrow"? half joking/half not joking. He said, I'm on call tomorrow and we can do it then, if you want. I was like really? He said, well we need to check your cervix because if you're not dialating that will change things!! So I sat through 20 minutes of the NST wondering if I was going to have our son tomorrow. It was 20 minutes filled of anxiety and excitement. After the NST Dr Greve checked me and of course I hadn't dilated at all, nor effaced. Mason is too happy in mama's belly!!! So we sat down and discussed plans. He said if he were to induce me that week it was about a 70% change I would end up in a csection. So we opted to wait a few more days. As of right now the plan is another sonogram at 1:30 on Tuesday the 25th with an OB appt following. He will check to see if we've made any progress and then we will make our decision then. It's either trying the cervix softening medicine and then inducing, or scheduling a csection! Either way I am at peace with because I know the good Lord will be watching over us.

He's getting so big it's harder to see him! Turn your head to the right to see his face!

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  1. Crystal,
    You are doing so good with this pregnancy! (almost makes me want to do it again hehe) I know that little Mason will come at a perfect time naturally or csection. Either way it will be the best day of your life.

    Cant wait to see your little man!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!