{Father's Day 2023}

Father's Day this year was really sweet and special this year! Mason asked me if he could pick out, order, and pay for Nate's gift all on his own. Of course, I obliged, and he did so well! 

Mason went online and found a nice Damascus knife that he could engrave for Nate! He did everything from start to finish on it! He chose to have it engraved with his birthday since that was the day that Nate became a father! So sweet, right? He did so good and I am so proud of him. He also picked out the card and said that it was perfect because it had "hockey talk" in it! 

Nate loved it, of course! And do you see that smile on Mason's face as Nate is opening it? Melt my heart! I sure do love these boys and I'm so grateful for their father/son relationship. They've really bonded lately and it's the most amazing thing to see.  Mason was too excited when it came in the mail and gave it to Nate a few days early.

Saturday evening we went to Nate's parents to give Nate's dad his gift. Nate's Grandmother is currently in the hospital and we weren't sure we'd be able to get together on Father's Day. We spent the evening watching old VHS tapes from Nate's middle school football glory days. Nathan had told Mason about his game-winning touchdown and finally got to show him the video. 

On actual Father's Day, we spent the first half of it doing adult things; mowing, getting groceries, cleaning the house, etc. Then we went to supper with Nate's parents.  We really wanted sushi from Bristol General Store but they were closed for Father's Day. So we went to Jalapeno Lemon Pepper instead.  It was good and we had a nice time together.

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