I mentioned in this post that Mason started the Rookie hockey program at the Star Center.  It's been a while, so I thought I would post an update. Mason is still going strong with hockey!! He completed the Rookie program, then moved on to Pre-Hockey Academy, and is now in Hockey Academy! 

He has hockey academy every Wednesday and Saturday for 45 minutes each session. They teach them all the skills they will need to know before they join a league. Usually, there are 4-6 sections setup with different drills. Each section has a coach there to lead them and teach them what they need to know for that drill.  It's really fun to watch! Mason has improved so much since he first started and it makes us so proud. He is excelling at every skill so far.  All those hours spent practicing in the driveway have truly transferred over to the ice. 

On this particular day, there was so much fog on the ice! It looked so cool and Mason said it created a neat atmosphere to practice in!

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