{Florida family vacation // day 7 // Pontoon rental }

 On our last full day in Florida, we rented a pontoon boat. We did this once in Destin and we had a complete blast! We wanted to get out on the water a bit and check out some areas you couldn't reach otherwise. 

I didn't take many pictures on this day because we were either in the water or busy walking and exploring an island. We found so many hermit crabs while on this excursion! Mason had a blast collecting them and putting them into a bucket (he later released them). We found an island that had some great shells and some bits of sand dollars. 

After our boat ride, we went back to the condo. Everyone except for Mason and I took a nap. I took Mase down for ice cream and then we hung out on the balcony. Then we went up to visit my family in their condo. My sister had made us the cutest beach buckets for drinks! And she made the shark bite drinks for the kiddos! 

It was a nice evening to end out our time in Florida! 

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