{Florida family vacation // day 3 // Hanging out at the condo and waiting on the rest of the family}

 Our next day in Panama City Beach, FL was another pool day! We decided to just hang out around the condo and wait on the other 22 family members to arrive! 

I started out the day with a bible study on the balcony! It was such a beautiful way to start out the day. You could hear the waves in the background and you couldn't ask for a more pretty view. 

Then we headed down for the pool! Mason is a little fish and could stay in the pool all day and night. And what an awesome pool to get to do that in. We found a spot on the upper level of the lounge chairs area and it was great. Nathan and I unintentionally matched for the day! 

The family got there around 3pm-ish and we went and said our hellos. While they were all getting settled in, we went to find some tacos. We came across a place called Diego's Burrito Factory and Margarita Bar and it definitely did not disappoint. We all loved every bite of our food! As you can see below...Nate was very excited about his burrito! The vibe of the restaurant was so beachy and perfect for vacation.

We rounded off the evening with a night swim!

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