{Florida family vacation // day 4 // Beach Day}

 On this day, we spent the majority of it in the ocean and at the beach.  All 27 of us loaded up and went down for the day. Well, some very awesome men in our family woke up at sunrise and went down to stake out a spot for us. Bless them! 

I don't have many pictures from this day since we were literally in the ocean for hours. The only time we got out of the ocean was to go refill our drink cups at Pineapple Willy's! 

After the ocean, we went to the pool for a bit. Then later that evening, we went to check out my cousin's view from their condo. They were on the very top level (22 or 23 stories up) and their balcony was right over the beach. While it was really beautiful up there, I was so nervous! It was too high up for my comfort. 

Nathan and I started to not feel well and were in bed around 8:30 pm that evening. The combination of the sun, fighting the waves all day, and maybe the drinks (ha) had caught up to us. We felt like we were constantly rocking just like we were in the ocean. I woke up at 11 pm and thought I had slept through to the next day! 

Even though we ended it not feeling well, it was an awesome day! 

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