{Mason's first day of SIXTH grade}

Hold me...

How in the world do I have a SIXTH grader? A middle schooler? Time is flying by too fast for this mama's heart. We opted to do homeschool again this year, using Texas Connections Academy as a platform. 

No uniform. 

No shoes.

No brushed hair. 

This is homeschool! And we love it. 

We went ahead and retired the chalkboard since it was geared more towards elementary. 

Even though he is growing too fast for me, I just love every new age and milestone with this sweet boy. Even if that milestone makes him a big kid. A middle-schooler. (gasp) It's going to take me a while to grasp that. He truly is growing into such a great young man. He's so respectful, kind, and smarter than I could ever try to be. I can't wait to see what all he accomplishes this year. 

And because I love a good comparison...

That shirt is fitting so much better these days and is no longer ginormous on him! All the tears...

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