{All things Chickens // an update // chicken eggs & a coop update}

Who in the world ever thought I would be a crazy chicken mama? But here I am...and I am loving it! They are so much fun to watch and learn. I am enjoying getting to know each one a little better. 

An update:

When we were gone to Florida, we lost one of our hens (June, a laced wyandotte). There were no signs of foul play, she was just dead. My brother-in-law found her and took care of it for me. Also, a big wind storm came in and destroyed my decor on the outside of our coop. We had to rehang our flower buckets and I had to buy new faux flowers to put in them. When the wind blew them off the coop, the chickens had a heyday with them and tore them to pieces. 

Our chickens are getting to be egg-laying machines! We are starting to get 4-5 a week now and it's so EGGciting! (ha) I can't even imagine when all of my hens start laying!! I love going out to the coop each day to see how many eggs there are to collect. I bought an egg apron to help me from dropping them on the way to the house from the coop!

The chickens really love a watermelon treat mid-day on these hot summer days. They are so funny to watch! When they see me come out with a bowl, they know it's treat time. I'm not sure if you've ever watched a chicken run as fast as it can...but it's pretty cute! 

I need a whole farm with all the animals!!!

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