{Florida family vacation // day 2 // Getting to our condo in Panama City Beach, FL}

After sleeping over in Hattiesburg, we got up the next morning and made the next leg of our drive! We were Panama City Beach bound!! The drive was smooth and we got there right after our check-in time. 

Upon first thoughts...the condo looked amazing, but man that parking garage was a nightmare. It was definitely made for small compact cars and not a full-size truck. The parking spot that came with our condo was right next to a column. So even if Nathan was sandwiched in there, we couldn't open the doors on one side! We ended up having to find an open spot in the garage from here on out. Not a deal-breaker, but that parking garage stayed so busy! 

We got everything up to our condo and checked it out. We rented a 1 bedroom with a bunk room and it had plenty of space for the five of us. We gave Nate's parents the master bedroom and we shared the bunk room with Mason. The condo had 2 bathrooms, which was awesome. There was also a kitchen and a large living area with a balcony that overlooked the pool area. I am not sure why, but I didn't take any pictures of the condo. However, we booked on VRBO and it was property #1282283 at Shores of Panama. We were on the 2nd floor and it was just perfect. I would definitely recommend this unit. 

After unloading everything and checking out the condo, we then changed into swimsuits to go check out the pool area!  It was calling our names! Shore's of Panama has an exquisite pool with so much space. Even with as many people as there were, the pool never felt crowded at all. Now the hot tub? That's a different story. It stayed packed! It was plenty big, but it was a popular spot. The pool area had many chairs and tables around and there was a little food hut in the center and even a bar! 

After swimming for a while, we went to check out the beach. Shores of Panama has its own private access to the beach. It's just a short walk from the pool area. We went around sunset (my favorite) and it was beautiful! 

We worked up an appetite from all the swimming, so we went back up to the condo to clean up for dinner. We walked next door to Pineapple Willy's (a must while in Panama). We had a 30ish minute wait, so we went to the bar to get our souvenir cups for the week. If you purchase the cup, refills are much cheaper. Their drinks are amazing! I usually opt for the Pina Colada. 

And that's a wrap on our first day in Panama City Beach, FL. 

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