{Fall craftin' in August}

 I decided to get a little jump on some fall crafting this year! Usually, by the time fall rolls around, I am so ready for Christmas. So, fall craftin' in August it is. 

First up was this cute fall book stack. These things are so easy to make and are such an adorable decorating piece. I just grab three books from the dollar tree, rip off the cover, paint white (if needed), wrap some ribbon around them, and cut out some vinyl words with my Cricut.

Next up was this little Dollar Tree shadow box. I had seen several different varieties on Tik Tok and wanted to make my own. It took a while for our Dollar Tree to get these in, but when they did, I grabbed a few. 

All I did to these was paint them black, sanded them a bit for a rustic finish, made a cork out of pipecleaners and twine, stuffed some lights inside and that is it! Easy and cute! 

And this is not a craft, but I planted some succulents in the cutest little pumpkin planters. I love these so much! All things pumpkins makes my heart happy!

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