{Weekend Wrap-up // rock lights, Starwood, chasing sunsets}

Happy Monday! I sure hate to see those weekends go. Especially when you're sick for a good part of it. I call a do-over! Oh, how I wish. We still managed to have a really great weekend. Here's a look at our weekend wrap-up.

After work I got my nails done and then we went to dinner at Branded Burger. There are a couple other locations in the county, but this one just opened near us. We were excited to try it out and it was just amazing. We really enjoyed it!

We decided to head back home after supper to install our new rock lights on the Jeep. We already have 10 pods of red lights underneath, but I wanted some other colors. We do a lot of parades (many of them at night/lighted) and I wanted more color options. I used a birthday gift card and ordered some off Amazon. The lights can do just about any combination from just the touch of an app. You can program different settings, have the lights go to the music, or just use a solid color. Whatever floats your boat! We are happy with the way they turned out.

Saturday morning Nate and Mason had plans to go to Starwood Motors and they let me tag along. ;) Starwood is one of our favorite places to visit. They have tons of custom Jeeps, but they also have some supercars. Mason loves the supercars and we love the Jeeps so it's a win/win. But before we went to Starwood we hit up our favorite hometown favorite, Don Juans. It never disappoints.

After Starwood Motors we hit up REI and Costco. And then we watched the sunset over the lake. More about that later!

Saturday evening I was in bed by 7:45 due to the worst migraine I've had in years! I couldn't function and the only relief was lying down in a cold dark room and eventually falling asleep! I couldn't even change into my pajamas...that's how bad it was! I remember telling Nate at one point when he checked on me to 'remind me to change into my pajamas later'. I don't know what time I eventually did that. We missed church on Sunday because of that nasty migraine. I woke up that morning with a really sore head and I could feel the migraine just on the verge of coming back. So I took more medicine and rested some more. It was a slow-moving morning for us. I finally got up around 10:45 to make some breakfast. My head was still sore, but it wasn't pounding. After breakfast we decided to soak up some of that amazing vitamin D and got some things done outside. We finally took the Christmas lights down, cleaned up the shop a bit, etc. We had lunch at an Italian place with Nate's parent's and his Grandma. It was delicious! Then it was back home to get ready for the new week.

And that's a wrap on our weekend. On Friday I shared 5 things I hope to do this weekend. Let's see how we faired...

Five things I hope to do this weekend:
  • Try a new restaurant - check! Not the one we intended, but we did try a new one. 
  • Organize another space in my house - not so much. 
  • Finally take the Christmas lights off our Christmas tree (insert face to palm emoji here) - check! And we took the lights off the house, too! 
  • Install our new rock lights on the Jeep - check! 
  • Find some adventure, always - check!!
4 out of 5 is not so bad! I'll take it.

Happy Monday, friends. Hope your week is amazing!! 

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