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Whoa! It feels so weird to write 2 0 1 9 instead of 2018. And if I'm being honest, I had to make a conscious effort to write or type the correct year. It will take me at least a month to get over writing 2018. It always does. Anyhow, Happy New Year! Let's jump right into the new year with a "Currently" link-up from Anne in Residence. I linked up most of last year, minus the few months I took off from blogging. It's a link-up that I enjoy and look forward to each month! Here's a look at my Currently...January edition:

choosing: GOALS! GOALS! GOALS! I'm not a New Year's resolutions kind of girl, but I do like to create goals for the new year. I have so much I want to do this year. I will share more on this later. 2019 is going to be a great year!! 

tidying: the house! The aftermath of Christmas is no joke! I'm sad that Christmas is over. Like, incredibly bummed. But, if it has to be over then I am ready to get my house back in order. I'm ready for the simplicity of the house without the Christmas clutter! It's going to look so bare and empty. 

resolving: to make 2019 an exceptionally great year for my sweet family! I want to travel more and make as many memories as we possibly can. 

exploring: All the places we can visit and travel to this year! There is so much of the world to see. We bought the Jeep to Jeep Around Texas and we need to do more of that. I hope to also visit Colorado, New Mexico and maybe even Tennesee. All of my favorite mountain states!! 

refreshing: I need to refresh my wardrobe! I got some gift cards for Christmas and I think I'm going to use them on clothes! 

What are you currently choosing, tidying, resolving, exploring and refreshing?

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