{Ruidoso, New Mexico // Trip recap by the numbers}

This weekend we road-tripped to Ruidoso, New Mexico for a spontaneous mountain (and snow) getaway! I will go into more detail in tomorrow's full recap, but for today I wanted to recap our trip by numbers. This is such a fun way to recap a trip and I really enjoy doing it! I didn't keep up with Sunday numbers very well because we were just driving home and I was too busy going through pictures and videos!!

3:30 am wake-up call
4:14 got on the road
3 gas stops
7:34 am Mason woke up for the day
1 lottery ticket purchased
0 wins on said lottery ticket
3 meals bought at Roswell McDonalds
756 approx. alien sightings in Roswell
47 degrees at the bottom of the mountain
31 degrees at the lookout point
11.42 miles driven on a forestry trail
6275 ft altitude on the trail
5 billion star hotel
29 degrees at bedtime
$56 on a hotel room
201 room number

5:25 am wake-up call due via fire alarm in the hotel
8:15 am second wake-up call via our alarm
1 hour drive to Cloudcroft
$14 spent on souvenirs at our favorite store
11,500 ft elevation at ski apache
12,000+ ft elevation at alpine peak of Sierra Blanca
2+ hours of playing in the snow
1 snowman built
29 degrees
12 miles from bottom of the mountain to ski apache
12.18 miles of forestry trails driven

6:00 am wake-up call
8+ hour drive home
2 food stops
3 gas stops
4 videos made

527 photos and videos taken (after cleaning out bad photos)
1386 total miles driven from when we left our driveway until we returned to our driveway.

1 unforgettable trip

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