{Medieval Times}

Back on December 29th our brother and sister in law invited us to go to Medieval times with them. We didn't tell Mason and let it be a surprise. He had been begging us to go back there for months so you can imagine his excitement when he saw us pulling up to Medieval Times! He was ecstatic!

We got there a bit early so we checked out the souvenirs and let Mason pick out something. He went for a hammer! Then Mase went through the little museum they have.

Mason was hoping to get in the blue section because blue is his favorite, but we got a table in the red. It ended being awesome because our section was so incredibly fun! And we were right by where the queen sat. We had such a blast!

I made a video of our night...

Medieval Times 12-29-18 from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.

Have you ever been to Medieval Times?

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