{Weekend Wrap-up // Soaking up that family time}

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great first weekend of January! We sure did. We didn't do too much, but we had an amazing time nonetheless. We soaked up our last few days of all being home together. Nate is back to work today and Mase and I are bummed. Mason goes back to school on Wednesday and I am dreading it! Anyhow, here is our Weekend Wrap-up...

Friday evening we went to dinner at a new to us restaurant in our town called Jimmy's Burgers and Wings. Nate loved it and Mason and I thought it was just okay. I like thin meat on my burgers and these were huge! After supper, we went to Academy to look around. We didn't find anything we couldn't live without so we mosied on over to Frostbite rolled ice cream. Mason got a dreamsicle and I got a nutella and banana. Nathan got nothing because he was stuffed from his double cheeseburger. That thing could have fed 4 people! ha. The nutella and banana was amazing if you were wondering and I've thought about it every day since!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early at 7 for an 8 am grocery pick-up. I was really upset with myself for scheduling such an early pickup on a Saturday! haha. But, I got over it quick because it was such a pretty day and I'd hate to waste any of it. I had to run into the store for a couple of things I forgot to order and then I grabbed donuts for my boys.

Nate was up when I got back and helped me carry all of the groceries in. We ate a little breakfast and then went straight outside. It was too nice to be indoors. Almost 70 degrees in January? We'll take it! Nate stuffed some fil in our soundbar in the Jeep. We heard that it helps with the sound so we wanted to give it a try. We can definitely tell a difference. And then we had the same idea as everyone else and took Jeep (Rubicon) to the carwash. It was so dirty after all the rain we've had. Nate shined it up really good!!

When we got back from the carwash we decided to detail the inside of the Jeep and try out the new Mag Armor we bought back in November. It's a magnetic set of armor that's meant to protect your paint from scratches when on the trails! My OCD heart needed this BAD! I would cringe anytime we'd get anywhere near a tree branch. The thought of having scratches on that pretty red paint just gives me anxiety. I'm crazy, I know.

We couldn't let the Rubi have all the fun so we pulled out the CJ, too! Our neighbors came over and we gave our little buddy a ride in the CJ.

We talked with our neighbor friends for a bit and then decided to take both Jeeps down to the pond to get some pictures. Which means the Rubi stayed clean for all of about 2 hours before I got it muddy! ha. The ground was wet and I had to spin my tires a bit to clear an area. Oops! I mean, do Jeeps ever stay clean for long?!

On our way back from the pond we saw Nate's parent's outside with our nephew so we stopped by to visit. Carson kept pointing at the CJ and calling it a tractor so Nate took him over to sit in it. Carson was fine until Nate started it up. It scared him! It's kind of loud.

And then we chased the sunset! We normally end up at the lake because of the spectacular views. We weren't the only ones with this idea. There were about half a dozen people out with their cameras! Us Texans are serious about the sun...whether it's sunrise, sunshine or a sunset!

That evening we made nachos and watched the Cowboy's game!

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early...around 7. We had fully planned on going to church, but the wind blew in something and we all had allergies. I had a migraine because of it and ended up falling back asleep. We totally missed church because of this. We met Nate's family for a later lunch at one of our favorite place, Farmluck. It was a nice lunch! We just came home afterward to hang out and enjoy our last evening before Nate went back to work. We cooked supper together and it was fun!

That's a wrap to our weekend. How was yours?

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