{Chasing Sunsets in the Jeep}

If you've been around my blog or my Instagram for a while you probably know that chasing sunsets is one of my favorite things ever! Often times throughout the week (or even on the weekend) we will hop in the Jeep, take some back roads and chase the sunset. I hope that the amazing and beautiful work of God is something that I never ever take for granted! And, it's such a good 'reset' for me.

This past Saturday after circling around the DFW metroplex doing different things we were really craving pizza for supper. While waiting on our pizza a grand idea popped into my head. It was around 5:15ish pm so I quickly looked up the sunset time for that evening. It was supposed to be 5:52pm so we had plenty of time for my idea. I asked Nate what he thought about taking our pizza down to the lake and eating in the Jeep and watching the sun go down over the lake. Of course, being the wonderful husband that he is, happily obliged! So we did just that. We ate our pizza with a beautiful view of the lake. Then we moved the Jeep down for a better view of the sunset. Nate backed the Jeep all the way down to the water and set up the gimbal tripod to get a timelapse of the sunset. We opened up the back door of the Jeep and cozied up in the back to watch! Besides our spontaneous trip to New Mexico, this tops up there with my favorite things we've done in the Jeep so far!

Sunset over Waxahachie Lake - 1-27-19 from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.

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