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Keeping the magic alive at Christmas time is one of my top priorities as a mother. I know that there is only a limited time as a kid when they truly believe and my goal is to make that season as magical as can be. For years now, the PNP has been helping me do just that with personalized Santa videos and phone calls (posts here, here and here). Mason is such a big-time believer in all of the magical parts of Christmas and I pray that we have many, many years of that. Thanks to amazing tools like the Portable North Pole I think we have a pretty good chance at accomplishing that goal.

What is the PNP? 
The Portable North Pole is a site (and app) that allows Santa to send personalized videos to your children. PNP is built on a platform of sharing magical moments. PNP is available on the web (here) as well as an app (iOS, Android) so that you can carry the magic with you everywhere! PNP is on their 11th year with over 200 million personalized video messages viewed worldwide!! The app is user-friendly and has so many great features.

New Key Features:
Latest news on your behavior
Video call from Santa
Pre-scheduled phone call
Reaction Recorder  (mobile app only)
App Redesign

PNP Packages:
Free Videos
New Lifetime Pass ($34.99) - a ten year pass
Magic Pass ($13.99) - Unlimited premium Santa videos and calls, reaction recorder (mobile only), HD video downloads
Video Pass ($9.99) - Unlimited premium videos, reaction recorder (mobile only)
Single Premium call ($3.99) - choose from and personalize one of 21 premium Santa calls or 7 premium video call scenarios with extended storylines
Single Premium video ($4.99) - choose from and personalize any one of the 11 premium video scenarios

The video itself is super easy to create and offers so many options for personalizing! I was able to add so many little details like Mason's name, his cousins names, a picture of him, a picture of our family, a picture of our home, and even a picture of the exact gift he asked Santa for! Santa shows these pictures and addresses all of these details from the magical North Pole! In the video you will see parts of the North Pole, Elves, reindeer, etc. It's amazing! As all of these little details unfold in Mason's video his eyes get bigger and his belief grows deeper. And, well, my heart grows a little bigger.

I love that you can choose if the child is on the naughty or nice list!!

Mason's video he watched:

Mason_The_Magical_Carousel_jp8qzp0b from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.

Another neat feature that we love is recording Mason's reaction while watching the video. I love that we have this as a memory keepsake! We did this for the first time last year and it just melted me.

And, it just keeps getting better. You can now purchase some of the items that Santa uses in the videos. I ordered the Husky puppy that I used in my video and had it waiting for him after school as a gift from Santa! His Elves brought it with a note that said to look at Mom's phone (which had the video loaded and ready to go!). He thought it was so cool to receive a gift that he actually saw being made at the North Pole!

So head on over to the Portable North Pole and make Christmas even more magical by creating a personalized video! You will love it and find yourself with a new Christmas-time tradition! PNP is offering my readers a 20% off discount code for the Magic Pass. Just use the link below.

And if PNP wasn't awesome enough, 5% of all online sales goes to children's hospitals around the world. Let's help spread the love and cheer.

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