{Polar Express 2018 // the actual ride}

One last and final post for our 2018 Polar Express weekend! Our tickets for the Polar Express were for Saturday evening at 8pm. We like to take the last train ride of the evening because it feels more like the movie. And it's just so dang magical. We arrived a little early to get our tickets and then we hung out waiting to board the train. We visited the gift shop, took pictures, got popcorn, etc. while we waited. Mason and I wanted to buy the Polar Express book because we surprisingly do not have that one, but they didn't have any available. Note to self for next year; order the book prior to going!

Then it was finally time to board the train! We opted for the open air train car again this year. We felt like there was more room and more air to breath in that one. And much to our surprise our train car wasn't even half full! We were able to spread out as we pleased. It was still pretty early in the season!

These next few photos fill my heart with so much love! Watching Mason eagerly waiting for Santa to board our train car was more than I can put into words. He was so excited and just kept rocking back and forth! Oh, sweet boy, you make me see the magic in the world!!

Santa kind of rushed through our car, which was disappointing. We expected him to spend more time with each kid since it wasn't crowded at all! But, it was still a wonderful, magical, amazing train ride to the North Pole and back!

After the train ride we took a few more pictures and then went to grab some Whataburger. This clan was hungry!

Do you have a Polar Express where you are from?

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