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One of our favorite Christmas time traditions is to create a personalized video from Santa to Mason using the Portable North Pole console. I enjoy creating the videos, but I enjoy watching Mason watch the video even more. It's so special to watch the magic unfold as he watches his video year after year. Seeing Christmas through a child's eyes is the most amazing thing ever!

With Portable North Pole you can create personalized videos complete with photos and details or you can schedule a personalized call from Santa. We like to do both. Right now PNP is offering a Pre-Season Magic Pass which gives you access to unlimited videos, a reaction recorder {with app only}, unlimited calls from Santa, HD downloads of your videos, and storytime with Santa {a new video each week in December} and a printable Santa Approved certificate with each video.  I have already made one video for Mason using the PNP console and can't wait to make more. You can see that video here:

15296467-582f71e6ea00a from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.

Cool right? And it came complete with this downloadable/printable certificate:

And PNP is so generous and would like to offer my readers a 20% off discount. To snag this coupon follow the below steps:

1.) Go to www.portablenorthpole.com and register for an account.
2.) Redeem your 20% off by clicking here. The 20% off will automatically be deducted and you can see the price difference right away.

That's it! So easy.

 You can create videos using their Portable North Pole online, or through their app. The PNP app is available on both iOS and Android.

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  1. So fun!! I'm sure Mason freaks over the videos. Cam definitely would. Thanks for sharing this friend!

  2. I have been sending the girls PNP videos for years now. It cracks me up and they love it. The way Santa says Marissa's name is pretty funny too. It's like Muh-ree-sah, bahaha!

  3. OH my goodness one of my friends made one of these for our babies last year! It is so much fun! I'm so glad that you reminded me of these... I need to make one for this year, too!

  4. I always love doing these for the kids! And I think they love it even more!!

  5. My kids love doing this every year. It's so much fun!

  6. What a great and fun idea! We just visited Santa today and Noah is definitely at the age where he wants to make sure Santa gets his list!

  7. Ahhh this is SO cool!! I need to check this out stat!


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