{O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree}

It's a family tradition for us to celebrate all things Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving. No black Friday shopping for us! We opt for going to the Christmas tree farm and decorating, instead. My friend Whitney called this day "Christmas Friday" and I loved it so much! I will never think of this day as anything other than Christmas Friday from here on out! Anyhow, we woke up Friday morning around 8:30 and started getting ready to head to our favorite tree farm, Yesterland. We love this farm because they offer so much for the kids to do! There's a Santa, rides, rows, and rows of beautiful trees, a candy shop, a playground, a general store, etc. It never disappoints.

We arrived shortly after they opened and we underestimated how chili it would be in the morning! We looked at the forecast and saw 70 degrees and didn't even bother grabbing a jacket. BIG mistake on our part. But, we drove over an hour to get there and we were just going to tough it out! And that we did. We had the most incredible day ever. We got our tickets and then walked straight up to Santa without having to wait in any kind of line! That is a Christmas miracle in itself! We always love the set-up of this Santa area!!

And then it was a race to the rides! He rode a coaster, then some swings and then attempted the rock wall. Nathan and I were so proud of him for even wanting to try. Normally he steers clear of those things. But, he did it and had so much fun!

After the rock-wall, we cut through the Christmas trees to get to some more rides! I love walking through there and smelling all of the fresh trees! It smells so divine and it's gorgeous to boot!

Mason rode every ride they offered, some of them twice. He was having the best time and it made our hearts so happy to see him having a blast!

After riding some rides we took a break to grab some sasparilla and take advantage of all of the beautiful photo ops around the farm! A really nice lady saw us taking pictures and offered to take one of our family! So thoughtful.

Then it was time to go pick out our tree! We really had our hearts set on a real flocked tree this year, but that didn't work out for us. They only had about 5 flocked trees that were under 8.5 foot and they weren't that pretty! They all had big bare spots. We were bummed, but then we found the most gorgeous 7.5 foot tree! It is beautiful. We got our tree tag, found an employee to haul it to the bagging area, checked out in the general store and then Nate loaded the tree on top of the Jeep! Oh how I love seeing the tree on top of the Jeep!

Do you visit a tree farm? Or are you an artificial tree type of person? I love them both, but real is my favorite!!

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