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If you know me at all or have read my blog for any amount of time then you probably already know this, but I absolutely love Christmas time and I am all about making it as magical as can be for Mason. I've shared on the blog before 25 Ways to Keep the Magic in Christmas and one of my favorite activities on that list is making a personalized video message using the Portable North Pole console. Being a kid at Christmas is spectacular and amazing, but watching the magic of Christmas through Mason's eyes is a million times better! Oh how I love being a Mama!!

Mason is such a big time believer in all of the magical parts of Christmas and I pray that we have many, many years of that. Thanks to amazing tools like the Portable North Pole I think we have a pretty good chance at accomplishing that goal. I mean, a {very} personalized Santa Claus video right from the comforts of your own home? Yes, please! The Portable North Pole is also available through an app on both iOS and Android, making it even more convenient to use and watch videos. The PNP app also offers a fun and free kid experience complete with games, filters and more.

The video itself is super easy to create and offers so many options for personalizing! I was able to add so many little details like Mason's name, his cousins names, a picture of him, a picture of our family, a picture of our home, and even a picture of the exact gift he asked Santa for! Santa shows these pictures and addresses all of these details from the magical North Pole! In the video you will see parts of the North Pole, Elves, reindeer, etc. It's amazing! As all of these little details unfold in Mason's video his eyes get bigger and his belief grows deeper. And, well, my heart grows a little bigger.

We normally watch our video on Christmas Eve before going to bed, but this year I noticed there's an option for an actual Christmas Eve video that shows Santa getting ready for the big night and even taking off in his sleigh! So, I made a video that Mason could watch now and made one he can watch on Christmas Eve! I cannot wait to watch him watch another video from Santa.

Another neat feature that we used for the first time this year was recording Mason's reaction while watching the video. Only, I didn't tell him that it would be recording him and his finger was over the camera most of the video. This is the best we got!

So head on over to the Portable North Pole and make Christmas even more magical by creating a personalized video! You will love it and find yourself with a new Christmas-time tradition! PNP is offering my readers a 20% off discount code. Just use the links below.

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And if PNP wasn't awesome enough, 5% of all online sales goes to children's hospitals around the world. Let's help spread the love and cheer.

Mason's 2017 Videos -

2017 - Mason's video - wrapping from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.
2017 - Christmas Eve - Mason from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.


  1. Such a cute idea. I love the magic of Christmas :) xoxo ERIN

  2. I just love this sort of thing so much! Seriously such a good idea and I can’t imagine how exciting it is for the kids!


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