{What we're reading // Vol. 6}

We're back for our sixth edition of "What We're Reading"! Thank you to all you that have linked up with us thus far. It's been fun to see what everyone else is reading each month. My book list is now never ending and I love it. I've recently rekindled my love for reading. I thought I loved a good paperback book, but it's proving easier to read on the Kindle app on my phone. Here is a look at what we are reading this month.

I have a confession...I didn't read one single {adult} book the month of May. Womp. Womp. I barely had time to breath, much less read a book. I felt like I blinked and May was over. We were so busy with end of the year stuff at school, traveling, PTO, church, birthday party planning, Mason's birthday week, graduations, visits from out of town guests, etc. 

However, I did read a ton of books with Mason. We still read our daily devotional before bed each night. We have been loving this devotional and Mason remembers everything we read.  Here is a look at what we're reading {those on repeat lately}..

Mason has really gotten into the Dr. Seuss books lately. We've started a small collection and I know this is only the beginning. So far we have the following Dr. Seuss Books:

And speaking of Dr. Seuss...Nathan's mom bought Mason "Oh The Places You Will Go" for all of Mason's teachers to sign each year. We started it when he was in Pre-K. I cannot wait for him to read it all when he is older. Do you do this?

The next two books we've been reading are Danny and the Dinosaur and The Fire Cat. Both of these books were passed down to Mason from Nate's Grandmother. I had bought Mason a copy of Danny and the Dinosaur several months ago because it was one of my favorites when I was a little girl. But, nothing beats this old original copy. I was so giddy that she had this one to pass down. Danny and The Dinosaur was released in 1958 and The Fire Cat was released in 1960. I love that he loves books from my childhood!!

And the last book, "Bible Stories for Courageous Boys" was a birthday gift from my dear friend. We're only a few stories in, but loving it so far. I love that our collection of Biblical based books is growing so rapidly. And 9 times out of 10 Mason will pick one of those books over anything else.

What are you reading right now? 

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  1. That Bible story book looks so good! I am guessing they have a girl one too?!

  2. I love that idea with Oh The Places You'll Go. Sorry we didn't start that when my kids were little! I remember The Fire Cat and Danny and the Dinosaur from when I was a kid!

  3. Dr. Seuss is the best!! :) We all have months like that. I read zero books in April but a bunch in May. It all evens out!

  4. I'm kind of swooning over the Bible Stories for Courageous Boys. These biblical stories help our little guys become courageous men of God...I'll definitely have to remember to look into that for my sweet boy as well.

  5. We love Put Me In A Zoo. Such a good one. Mason's read some good books. Now for mommy.

  6. Love that tradition of having teachers sign a book each year. I'm gonna have to bookmark this to remember for when Ez starts school (way too soon!)

  7. I love Oh The Places You'll Go but we never had anyone sign it! Such a great idea! That book makes me tear up every time!!


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