{Catch-up Post // Mason's birthday week, new puppy, ladies night, road tripping}

Testing....testing...is this thing even still on? I have neglected this space something fierce lately. I hate to glorify busy, but I really am trying to stay afloat at best. I always seem to forget how crazy the month of May gets for us. And despite my best efforts, I just can't seem to juggle it all. And because of that this blog is the first to go. But hey, looking on the bright side I have so much to catch up on around here. Here's a small snippet of what has kept us so busy lately...
Let's back all the way up to last week. Mason's birthday week. Mason's Nana did something special for him M-T of his special week....

Monday - she brought Mason donuts for an after school snack. Then we all went to Urban Air {indoor trampoline park} to celebrate him. Nate and Mason's uncle jumped with him. They had a blast. After the jumping fun we ate at Chick Fil A and then went back to their house where they gave him 3 new outfits.

Tuesday morning she left a book and fruit snacks. {she chose books that coordinated with his birthday theme}. He also lost another tooth, so the tooth fairy came that morning as well. He is loosing teeth like crazy lately.

Wednesday morning was another book and some minion tic tacs.

Thursday was his actual birthday. Nana left a balloon, a chalkboard, a book, gummy bears and lolly-pops!!

This week was also a fun and themed week at school for Mason. On Monday they had an outside day where they were allowed to bring things to play with outside; chalk, kite, bubbles, etc. Tuesday was board game day. Wednesday was movie day and the kids got to bring a pillow and blanket. Each of the first grade classrooms were watching a different movie and the kids got to choose which movie they wanted to watch. Thursday was slideshow, yearbooks, and early release.

And now I will jump around throughout last week to fill in those gaps...

Tuesday {5/23} Mason had his First Grade end of the year awards and then afterwards he got his birthday present. A new pup. A full post on her is to come. But, here are a few pictures of us picking her up. It just happened to be a monsoon that day and the pasture was muddy {of course}! We came home with mud from head to toe and Mason had it in places I couldn't even imagine. But, we got to love on 7 sweet puppies and brought one to her forever home. She's the sweetest little thing.

That evening we attended a Kindergarten Graduation at our church for the daycare/private school that is part of our ministry. One of our friends daughter was graduation that evening. Those things always tear me up! So sweet and precious. Especially when they have a biblical emphasis to them.

Wednesday was church. Only Mason and I went because Nathan went to his Great Aunt's viewing. It was close to his work, so he went straight there. Nathan didn't want Mason and I driving into the metro-mess during getting off traffic so we went to church instead. We didn't hang out as long afterwards because we wanted to get home to our sweet pups!

Thursday was Mason's last day of school. AKA the saddest and hardest day ever. We are so sad to leave Mrs. Morgan. She has been such a beacon of light for us this year. We love her so much. We're just not ready for 2nd grade and to move on to a new teacher. Ugh! I took off this day since it was Mason's birthday. I went to have lunch with him and then stayed for the remainder of the day. It was extra hard because our Principal and AP are both leaving our school. Those goodbyes are so tough! After lunch we presented Mrs. Morgan with another gift. It was a canvas of each kid telling what they loved most about her! There were so many tears shed.

After school Mason and I took the new pup to visit my family. We hung out there for a little bit and then came back home and played with the pups.

That evening we had a dinner planned with some ladies from church. Our ex-pastor's {that feels so weird to say} wife and our really good friend flew in for the weekend. So, we all got together to visit and catch up. A friend of mine came over and rode with me and her daughter stayed to play with Mason. We had such a good time and it was so good to see her. Mercy, we miss her.

Friday I worked for two because my coworker was out. The morning started out busy and then it was just dead after that. I got off early {hallelujah} and got on the road to head to Mason TX for our annual Memorial Day trip there. These two were the sweetest road-trippers.

And I will stop here because this post is forever long. If you made it to the end I owe you a coke! What have you been up to lately?


  1. That new puppy is just too cute! So now you have two doggies? I love it, how are they getting along? Man I'm going to be so sad when Baby Fox is done with Kinder in a couple of weeks...waah, can't they stay little forever?

  2. Holy smokes... Mason looks identical to his uncle?!!?

  3. Oh my goodness. That is the cutest pup. I am so glad he loved his birthday presents. And way to go to your mom for all the books and snacks.

  4. I swear everything gets crammed in to the end of the school year! And Mason's birthday on top of it all! Glad to see he was sufficiently spoiled!

  5. I love the puppy! I'm impressed by everything you've been busy with. Looks like a lot of fun along with the bittersweet. Does Mason love Dr. Seuss like Simon does?

  6. I love all the special things for Mason to celebrate!! What a special boy!! And yes, May is CRAZY!!!!

  7. Totally wonderful when life gets in the way! That means exciting things are taking over! You've been so busy it's great!

  8. I love that he got books for his birthday gifts with cute lil snacks. I love that idea. & the puppy - I wanna come squeeze & play with! :)

    Have a great weekend, girlie.

  9. So much goodness packed in here friend. Y'all have been so busy lately and have had so much to celebrate. Im so glad that your summer has officially started.

  10. Definitely busy in the best possible way!! Blogging is a catch 22, either you're too busy to blog, or you're not doing anything worth blogging about ;)


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