{Memorial Day weekend trip // Mason, TX}

Way back in May we checked 'travel to the Texas Hill Country for our annual Memorial Day camping trip in Mason, TX' off of our Summer Bucketlist. We camp here every Memorial & Labor Day weekend and I don't think we could love it more. Every year it's pretty much the same group of people...somewhere between 10-18 campers...and it's a time of good food, good adventures and great fellowship! It's two of our favorite weekends of the year!!

I had to work on Friday because my co-worker was out that day and I had to cover her desk. There are only two of us and we have to cover for each other when one is out. So, we headed down after work. It was Lexi's first road trip and her first time to be in a car ride more than 20 minutes. That girl slept the whole time and was kind of annoyed when we woke her for a potty break about 2 hours into the trip! Mercy, she is cute.

We made really good time and got there before it was completely dark. We said hello to everyone and hung out a bit before heading back to unload all of our bags into the camper. It was our first time camping with Lexi and we weren't sure how she would do. But, she was a total rockstar. She slept all night not making a sound until 6:30 am. I got up with her each morning and kept her occupied until others woke up. I didn't mind. I got to enjoy the sunrise and the quiet of camp before everyone woke up.

This trip was a lot more laid back for us because we didn't drive to Fredericksburg this time. We just wanted to chill and hang out. Saturday morning Nate's dad cooked us a breakfast outside while we enjoyed coffee out of an antique set. #helloglamping And then we got in a ton of puppy cuddles! Lexi was pretty popular and so loved on this trip!

Later that afternoon we decided to go and check out a river we remembered from the trip before. We didn't go too prepared as far as clothes and towels, but Mason and his friend sure did have a good time. It was Lexi's first time in the water. At first she was unsure of what to do and looked a little scared, but she warmed up to the idea of the water. Nate fished while we just hung out and tried walking across the river {bottom was filled with rocks, some sharp, some slippery}.

We went back to the camper to hang out for a bit and then Nate and I went into Brady, TX where there is a Walmart. It was 30 miles each way, but we needed a few things. And we wanted to see the town of Brady since we had never been. We grabbed Mason a happy meal from McDonalds and Sweet Tea for all of us at Chicken Express. We stayed at the camper for the rest of the evening. One of the things I love most about Mason, TX is our suppers. We all potluck it {with a main theme} and eat together at the back of the campers.

The next morning Lexi and I were up at 6:30 again. We walked around outside and waited for all of camp to wake up. We had another delicious breakfast and hung out talking around the campsites. Then we loaded up and headed back to the river. This time we were more prepared. We had an amazing time. After we played in the river a couple of hours we drove to another part of the river and let Mason treasure hunt for river rocks. Lexi stayed conked out in the truck! Sweet baby was exhausted.

After our little river adventure we headed back to camp to clean up and get ready for supper. Mason rode his bike while we all chatted.

After supper Nate, Ty, Michelle, Lexi and I decided to go find another river that some of our camping friends told us about. Mase wanted to stay at camp and hang out with his friends. Nathan fished and we walked around on the rocks. We got some of my favorite pictures of Lexi to date. We also thought about how much fun Mason would have had playing in this river...and then we saw a snake and I was thankful we didn't bring him or play in the river. Ugh! I do not do snakes.

Monday morning we went to breakfast at one of our favorite little diners on the square of Mason Texas. As always, it did not disappoint. After breakfast we started packing up to make our trek back home. The drive home was easy and Lexi slept for most of it again.

When we got home we unloaded the truck and then went outside. Nate started pulling weeds and Lexi wanted to help!

We ended Memorial day with bomb pops. Such a summer staple.

While we do camp every Memorial Day weekend we are sure to make sure Mason knows the true meaning of Memorial Day. We are so thankful for those that have fought for us and who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.


  1. What an amazing holiday weekend! I love all the photos! Lexi is so darn cute. I just want to squeeze her. It looks like she and Mason are the best of buds and that's just how it should be. :)

  2. So much fun! The camp community sounds amazing.

  3. Bomb pops! I have yet to buy any of those and clearly need to fix that pronto, lol. What an awesome way to spend your weekend. That photo of lexis face down close to the water is just the cutest. So many fun adventures, a boy and his dog. I just love it.

  4. What a fun, fun camping trip!! Lexi is so cute!

  5. What a perfect trip! I cannot get over how stinking cute Lexi is! Oh my word!

  6. Oh my goodness that puppy!!!!! SO SO sweet!

  7. What a fun trip - we just went camping for the first time in a tent and the kids loved it. We need to invest in better sleeping comfort but for the first time I would call it a success. They were totally scouting out campers they thought we should get ;). xoxo ERIN

  8. Such a fun trip! And look at that pup just living the dream!!

  9. Well I can't get over the snoozing boy & snoozing pup. But the rest of the trip sounds awesome too!


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