{10 on the 10th // 10 things I've always wanted to do}

Note - this link-up actually goes live on the 9th, but I am posting today due to scheduling. 

This month's 10 on the 10th theme is 10 things you have always wanted to do/try. I love this topic because while I have a bucket list inside my brain I've never really put it out there anywhere. Maybe this can keep me accountable and give me that extra push to chase those dreams!! And if not, it's still fun to dream. Right? Here are my 10 things I've always wanted to do...

1.) Own {and maybe even restore} a turquoise and white vintage Shasta camper.
2.) I've also always wanted to own a turquoise VW Bus. Couldn't you see me driving this?? 
3.) Visit Yosemite National Park. I mean, how breathtaking is this place?
4.) Master shooting in manual in low lighting - maybe even upgrade my camera equipment.
5.) Travel outside of the country - for vacation and mission work. I really want to visit Israel and see all of the places where Jesus walked. 
6.) Retire, buy an RV and travel the world. Visit every ballpark in the US.
7.) Read the bible cover to cover, but in chronological order. I've covered a lot of the bible, but never chronologically.
8.) Visit Big Bend National Park. Again, how gorgeous??
9.) Go back to Disney World. This time visit Universal Studios....because...Harry Potter. It looks so neat! I know Mason and I would both love it.
10.) Take a month long road trip/vacation. Maybe even overlander style. Through the mountains.

And a bonus - have another baby. :)

Okay, so it looks like I basically just want to travel more! I can't help it...I have adventure in my soul!

Linking up with Erin @ Perfectly Port for 10 on the 10th


  1. Traveling more sounds like so much fun. I can totally see you with that VW bus too. You are adorable.

  2. Travel to every ball park in the US! Yes!! Maybe we can meet up at a few of those! You know that's on my list too thanks to a baseball loving husband ;)

  3. I'm pretty sure the date for this link up changed...I did mine today too! I love your travel focused items! When you come to KC's baseball stadium I'll meet you there!

  4. Such a good list and so many great goals! You do it girl! All of it!!

  5. I could totally see you driving a VW bus!!
    Yosemite! Easily one of my favorite places in all of California. I have my fingers and toes crossed that you'll get to visit one day!!
    Lifting prayers for you and another baby. xo

  6. Love all the traveling!! I haven't read the Bible Chronologically but when I did a study last summer that really acknowledged the order things made so much more sense for me!

  7. Oh I love all of these. I will be praying for your bonus bucket list item :). We have so much in common! So glad we met and so thankful you linked up!!!! Thanks for baring with my user error techy issues! xoxo ERIN

  8. I love your list!!! All great things but the bonus is my favorite. Prayers and fingers crossed.

  9. Traveling would be so much fun. I love the teal obsession you have! Praying for you and the baby hopes. I think and pray about that often for you.


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