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Time for the Guys Behind the Blog - March edition!! I love getting to feature Nate on the blog each month and always look forward to his answers! Most of the time I can predict exactly how he would answer them and sometimes he totally surprises me. Here are his answers for March's edition of The Guys Behind the Blog.

March Questions

1.) Would you rather have your dream job and make less money or have a job you hate and make tons of money?
I guess it depends on how much money we are talking about. If I could work a couple of years and make big money then I might do that. But, my current mindset is to be happy and do what you want.

2.) Would you rather play a hero or a villain in a movie?
Villain. I think it would be more fun. ;-)

3.) Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind or never be able to speak again?
With the way my brain works I should probably choose not to say anything.

4.) Would you rather go back in time and meet your ancestors or go into the future to meet your great grandchildren?
Go back and meet my ancestors. There are a lot that I've never met and some that I would like to see again.

5.) Would you rather swim in the Artic Ocean with nothing but a swim suit (no wet suit) or walk through the desert in the middle of the summer having to wear sweat pants and a sweat shirt?
Not sure I would want to do either. You would probably die in less than thirty in the Artic and probably die a slow and painful death in the desert. I think my chances of survival would be better in the desert, though. 

Bonus question:
Would you rather live like a king but have no friends and family or be homeless with your friends and family?

To me this is a no-brainer. My family and friends mean everything to me so I would have no problem being homeless.

Questions for April 
{post goes live on 4/27}
1. What are you most looking forward to about spring?
2. What's on your spring cleaning to-do list?
3. What was your favorite spring break ever?
4. Do you play Easter bunny? What's your favorite kinds of things to leave in their baskets?
5. Would you rather be allergic to beer or junk food? 

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  1. Our hubbies are so similar. Drew answered almost the exact same way. Sweet hubbies!

  2. When do you post the questions? I'd like to participate next month.

  3. Baha ha! His honesty always leave me smiling and laughing too. I think he is totally right on the villain part. It would be more fun!

  4. Wow these are such tough questions!! I don't know though meeting my grandkids would be awfully tempting!!

  5. I love his answers to these!
    I thought it was interesting how he thought about the Arctic/desert one though and thought about which way he would die the "best". Seth went straight to the desert because he could always take clothes off. Which I totally didn't think about when I made the question up! LOL.

  6. Sounds like all of the hubbies would rather be homeless! So sweet!!

  7. I love it. My hubby would rather be the villain, too because they have all the best toys. Haha! We enjoy these posts so much.

  8. I loved Nathan's answers! He sounds a lot like Scott!


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