{Mason // One tooth down...}

Oh sweet boy...slow down! You're growing entirely too fast and it's wrecking my mama heart in so many ways. It feels like just yesterday you were my toddling little babe that got so excited about "hick-up trucks" and now you're doing big things like losing teeth! I can barely stand it. But, no matter how big you get you will always be my baby!! Okay?!

Mason has had a wiggly tooth for quite some time. During our spring break camping trip the tooth started bleeding pretty good for over an hour. I thought it was going to come out that night, but it didn't. I knew it was just a matter of time. Well, this past Sunday it finally came out. If it hadn't been so comical and Mason so goofy, I would have been a blubbering mess.

Mason had just gotten out of the shower and was playing with the loose tooth. I could tell it was barely hanging on so I offered some advice {obviously not thinking with my heart}...

Me: Mason if you twist the tooth it would probably come out.
Mase: Okay, let me do that....{looks at his bloody finger}...Mom it came out. It really came out. {Jumps up and starts dancing and yelling about how cool that was}
Me: Mase, where's the tooth?
Mase: I don't know, Mom.
Me: You didn't swallow it, did you?
Mase: I don't know. I don't think so. I didn't feel it, so probably not.
Me: Then where is it?
Mase: I don't know, Mom. {still dancing}

So I got on my hands and knees and finally found the tiny tooth under the couch! Whew. I was relieved that he didn't swallow it. It was kind of grossing me out.

The tooth fairy came and brought him $20 bucks. I made sure he knew and understood the tooth fairy always gives more when it's the first tooth. ;-)

I love his sleepy little face...

The next morning we called Nate on the way to school and he asked Mason if the tooth fairy came. Another funny conversation ensued...

Nate: Hey bud! Did the tooth fairy come?
Mase: Yes sir! She brought me twenty bucks!!!
Nate: Dangggg, when I was little she only brought me like $1 dollar. {and then rambles about inflation}
Mase: Well, I can't believe the tooth fairy has been around so many years.
Nate: What are you trying to say?

I couldn't stop laughing! This kid keeps me going.

And that's the story of how Mason lost his first tooth.


  1. Awww...adorable! I love the conversation between Mason and Nate. Can't believe he's old enough to lose teeth.

  2. Oh stop, sweet boy, stop. He is getting so big so fast! And that tooth fairy is very generous! ;) She'll have to fly by our house when the time comes. haha!

  3. So fun! Loosing teeth totally grosses me out! Emily's top teeth are starting to get a little wiggly and I am not impressed one little bit :P.

  4. Simon lost his first tooth just before Mason did. And then his second came out like a week later so he's toothless on top! Congrats on this milestone.

  5. Twenty bucks! Wow! When Letty loses her first tooth I'll be sure to keep her away from your blog! Lol! She has SIX loose teeth but not one is lost yet. She's going to have some smile when all is said and done. It'll make me so sad!!

  6. Such a cute story. I love the hilarious story between Mason and Nate. Inflation? That's too funny! I also love the sleepy eyed picture of Mason. He's so adorable.

  7. Hahah! Love it! Those milestones are so fun!

  8. OH, what a big boy!! I can't believe that he's already lost a tooth!

  9. Haha, twenty bucks, don't spread that around our parts, LOL! I can't believe he's lost a tooth already. I am going to be so sad when my kid loses his first tooth.

  10. Loose teeth make me queasy. I can't handle it and hope James is willing to tackle that milestone when it comes around.

  11. OH MY GOODNESS!! I'm dying laughing about their conversation!! I could see Mase saying that!!

  12. LOL! Mason is hilarious! And, $20?! Holy buckets, the Tooth Fairy sure has upped her game since I was a kid!

  13. I can't believe you found the tooth!! That's awesome! And Mason's comments about the tooth fairy, hilarious!!!


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