{The Kids Behind the Blog - March}

Time for the March edition of The Kids Behind the Blog. If you're new to the blog and not really sure what this link-up is all about you can read all about it here. Basically we provide you with 5-7 questions to ask your kid(s) each month. Then you blog about it and come back here to link-up. My co-hosts and I love to hear the things that kids say and that's why this link-up was born! This month we focused on questions about Springtime! Here are Mason's answers for this month...

Questions for March:

1) What's at the end of a rainbow?
Um, nothing!
Are you sure? (me)
Oh I'm sure...nothing's there. I don't think Leprechauns are really real. 
So, no pot of gold? (me)
Nope. No Leprechauns and no pot of gold. But, I do know that rainbow is a promise from God!

2) What do you like to do when it rains? Jump in puddles or play inside?
I used to like to jump in puddles when I was a kid, but not that much anymore.

(because he's SO grown! ha)

3) If you found a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow what would you do?
I would keep him as a pet and I would keep the gold too. I would buy stuff and a mansion and a Lamborghini.

4) Tell me three ways you know it's spring time.
It rains a lot, flowers come out and allergies are bad.

(he ain't lying about those dang allergies!)

5) Do you wear green on St. Patrick's Day? What happens if you don't wear green?
Not really because I wear a uniform to school and green isn't one of our colors. I wear green socks sometimes so I don't get pinched.

If you're a planner like me, here are the remaining dates for 2017's The Kids Behind the Blog linkup:
 April 12 | May 10 | June 14
July 12 | August 9 | September 13 | October 11 | November 8 | December 13

Questions for April:

1.) What is your favorite thing about Spring?
2.) If April showers bring May flowers what do May flowers bring?
3.) What does a flower need to grow?
4.) Do you like that it's starting to get warmer or do you like the cold and snow better?
5.) What do you want to do over spring break?

Bonus - What is your favorite thing about Easter?



  1. Oh Mason, stop being so grown up! His answers made me laugh. He was so serious. :) I love that he mentioned wearing a school uniform though. Very literal.

  2. It is amazing to me, that just those couple of years in age difference, how much more grown up Mason is with his answers? I know you guys set a leprechaun trap last year, will you be doing that again this year, since he's not too sure if they are real?

  3. Haha he is so grown up! Doesn't believe in leprechauns anymore?!? Wasn't it just last year when he made a leprechaun trap?? I always love his sweet answers!

  4. A rainbow IS a promise. Good job Mason! I seriously laughed over his, when I was a kid comment. That is HILARIOUS! He is wise beyond his years.

  5. Simon agrees that there is nothing at the end of the rainbow. I love that Mason knows the rainbow is a promise from God! And I love that he said when he was a kid. lol!

  6. What a cute linkup! I may have to hop on board once my two year old can answer questions a bit more realistically :-)

  7. I absolutely love your kid! He definitely reminds me of Lexie. He's so mature for his age!

  8. I do know that rainbow is a promise from God! -- Mason Lane, I love you so!

  9. A rainbow is a promise from God - heart melt. What an amazing little boy you're raising, Crystal!

  10. Oh my goodness, I used to when I was little, that is the most adorable answer. And stop with the rainbow promise of God, so darn cute.

  11. He is such a little man; so sweet!!

  12. I absolutely adore that Mason knows about God's rainbow promise!

  13. I laughed out loud when he said he was a kid. That's just too much!

  14. He is too much!! Rainbows are a promise from
    God! Go mason!!

  15. A rainbow is God's promise. Bless that sweet child.
    "When I was a kid." HA! I think it's so cute when kids believe they're so grown. ;)

  16. Oh no! I am not looking forward to when my kids start saying "when I was a kid"... Stay a kid! Trust me, it's so much better ;)

  17. Oh my goodness, he did not answer when I was a kid!?! He still IS a kid! Oh my gosh these boys, growing up waaaaaaaaaaay too fast!!

  18. He is a wise one that Mason!! Brayden still believes in leprechauns, pots of gold, you name it :) I love what he would buy with all that gold though if he did find it! LOL


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