{Little Letters // vol. 3}

I found the Little Letters link-up by Kristin at Taz and Belly's blog back in December and I couldn't wait to start linking up. I had so much fun writing my Little Letter's post in January and February and now March! If you haven't checked out this link-up I highly suggest it. It's nice to take a break from all of the serious and to just write a fun post! Here are my letters for March...

Dear Jesus, you are sovereign and you are working in our church. Thank you for that.

Dear Husband, you are cute and I love you. Thank you for being so crazy about me after all these years. Even when I don't deserve it.

Dear Mason, oh sweet boy! Your mama can barely handle you growing up! It's wrecking me in so many ways. That very wiggly tooth you are so proud of? Well, it has made me cry more than a few times. All those big words you use in your everyday vocabulary? It makes me long for the days you used to mispronounce words. And lets not even talk about those {too short} pants that I swear fit you last week.

Dear Allergies, go away! Please and thank you! I do not want to carry all this mess on vacation.

Dear Max {the elf}, thank you for sticking around well after Christmas and making our mornings so much easier! #crazyelflady

Dear Cricut, I love you and may never stop shouting your praises! Thank you for working tirelessly on all of my projects lately. Tell me again why I waited so long to buy you? Now, lets convince Nate that I need that heat press, okay?

Dear Manda, I read about your story on Amanda's blog and you touched my heart is so many ways! I am praying for your sweet family.

Dear Spring Break, yassssss! Bring it on.

Dear Inlaws, thank you for inviting us over for supper a few nights this week! I may have done a few 'raise the roof' and praise Jesus motions every time we got the invite! You see, I loathe dishes. And since we're hosting bible study at our house tonight I have been trying to keep up with the house as much as possible!

Dear Mercy Me, I cannot wait to hear more songs from your new album. I've had Even If on repeat lately. I love it!

Dear Diesel, I cried like a baby when I booked your boarding on Monday! I hope you forgive me for not bringing you with us this time.

Dear FBC Ladies, wow! Just wow! I am floored by how many have been in our Wednesday night classes! For your glory, God.

Dear screen protector on my iPhone, thank you! Thank you! Thank you for doing doing your job the other day when Mason dropped my phone. I'd rather replace the glass screen protector than the actual screen on a 7+ any day!

Dear weekend, I am so glad that you are here. It's been a longgg week! I am looking forward to Bible Study tonight.


  1. I need to come over and work on some cricut projects with you. I have put my craftings on the side and it makes me sad, but life just is so busy. Oh Mason and his wiggly tooth. Slow it down right now!

  2. Oh I need a heat press too!! Not sure I can convince the hubby of that one though LOL. Are you going away for Spring Break?? So fun!!

  3. I hope you get some relief from your allergies. XOXO My husband is suffering big time from them this year. I bet Mason is so excited about that wiggly tooth. He's such a cutie! Have a great weekend!

  4. Amen, amen, amen. Any time I don't have to cook, I sing a little!

  5. What a fun link up! I'm going to have to look into this one for next time. And I had to laugh about the screen protector. When that phone drops, it's like watching in slow motion as it slams to the ground. haha. Glad it made it out unscathed! And thank you for continuing to pray for Manda's family!

  6. A wiggly tooth?!! What the what??!! Happy weekend, friend!

  7. Girrrrl, my allergies are RAGING. I had to have coworker drive me to acute care this morning because I had some kind of crazy allergy attack. Everything just closed up and I was having trouble breathing. I felt like I was drowning in my own head. It. Was. Awful. I hope you get some relief soon!

  8. Ugh my allergies kicked in this week with a daily headache! Hoping to find some relief soon!

  9. Ohhhh here's to the weekend and the best of the screen protectors! I can't be trusted to so much as holding my iPhone without one!

  10. Even is pretty much one of the best songs ever, I can't wait to hear more too. Hope y'all are having a great weekend. Happy spring break!!!

  11. Oh goodness, friend, I heard Manda's story too and I was so sad to hear of her passing. I am constantly thinking about her sweet family. At least they have tons of friends who seemed to rally around them in this horribly tough time.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!