{This Past Weekend...}

Happy Monday! I know by the time this posts that Monday will almost be over. I need all of your secrets on how to balance everything. Right now I am doing a crummy job at keeping up with all the things. Spring Break put me so behind and I still haven't caught up! I have so many emails to go through and reply to, pictures unedited from two different events, blog posts that need to get written and posted, etc. Anyhow, we had another amazing weekend that went by entirely too fast. Here's a peek at this past weekend...
...this past weekend we had bible study. We had a potluck type meal, bible study and then fellowship. We had 29 people total; 15 kids and 14 adults. It was such a great time!

...this past weekend Nate's brother came over and told us all about his trip to Cuba. He gave Mason some Cuban money, brought Nate some cigars and gave us a bottle of the popular rum from there.

...this past weekend we took Mason to watch his best friend play soccer. They were both so excited!

...this past weekend Mason went to his Nana & Papa's house while Nate and I went on a triple date with two couples from church! Mason went to see Kong and we went to Bass Pro Shop and Texas Roadhouse! We all enjoyed our evenings.

...this past weekend I overslept and didn't get to do my normal grocery shopping before church. I only had time to run to Target for the essentials. O'well...

...this past weekend we went to church and heard a great sermon from 1 John 1:1-5 and how we are all broken and beloved.

...this past weekend we met up with sweet friends from church for #sundayfunday !!! We went to a lake nearby. The kids swam in the still-too-cold water {crazy}, the guys kayaked and fished, and the girls hung out watching the kids and talking. We had so much fun! I love that this is what our Sunday's will look like for a while!

...this past weekend Mason brought me flowers two times! I love this sweet boy so much.

...this past weekend we came home from the lake and Mason proved to us once again how much he is growing up! More on this later...

That's a wrap on our weekend! How was yours?


  1. It looks like your weekend was perfect! I love that your church has provided you with so many great friendships.

  2. Can't wait to hear another Mason story. Don't worry about balancing it all friend. Just do what you can and find grace to let that be all right. I have been thinking A LOT about this kind of stuff lately and how I have to be all right letting go a bit to retain my sanity. You are doing a great job friend.

  3. What a wonderful weekend! Yay for a date night with Nate and friends! And the boys swimming in the cold water...crazy!

  4. I want to go to Cuba! Love those flowers from Mason!

  5. I totally feel ya on the getting behind... it is always SO HARD going on vacay and then coming back because you never get caught up. I only took two days off last week and I feel like I'm drowning at home, at work, and in blogland. I hope you get caught up soon!

    And how sweet that he brought you flowers twice! Isn't it wonderful having a little boy? They sure do always love their mommas!

  6. What a great weekend. And that water just looks cold, I'm fairly certain kids don't feel temps :)

  7. What a good weekend! I feel like your cold water would be our august temperature water... lol

  8. Mason is so sweet! I can't wait to hear more about his stories!

  9. It looks like such a fun weekend. I love that you get to get together with your church family and have regular dates at the lake. That sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

    I also love the fun things that are happening on your blog with the new link up!! I'm so excited for you!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!