{What We're Reading Wednesday // vol. 1}

Hall Around Texas What We're Reading Link-up

I am joining some sweet blog friends in a new monthly link-up in which we share what we're reading. I am always curious about what my friends are reading and always looking for suggestions. I hope you'll join us! There's a graphic below which lays out all of the link-up dates.

What We're Reading:

Let's be honest...he doesn't read! haha. But, he is reading "Manhood Restored" with the guys at church for Wednesday night bible study. He has enjoyed the study so far. The last several Wednesdays the guys did their bible study around a campfire at the church. Fun, right? And after study we all hang out around the fire and chat.

 From the back of the book...

Manhood restored combines theological depth with practical insights, putting you in step with a gospel-centered manhood that will enrich every facet of your life. 

He points men toward the One who came to restore man's brokenness to a place of wholeness. 

He got several new books for Christmas, so those are on our reading rotation right now. The books he got were .

When I saw Lindsay post about the Home Alone book I knew I had to get it for Mason! It's one of our favorite movies and we've watched it countless times. Mason asked for Silver Packages for Christmas. He read it at school and said that he loved it just as much as The Gift Giver {one of our all time favorites}. Santa delivered! Mason's Aunt got him the Navy's Night Before Christmas book at the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg. And the two Berenstain Bears Cub Scout books were a gift from Mason's Nana. Can I just tell you how much I love Berenstain Bears books? They have the best messages! And I love that they talk about God and include scriptures. So awesome!

I'm currently reading two books. The first one, "Dancing with My Father" by Sally Clarkson, is for bible study with the ladies at my church. It's a study about finding joy in all circumstances, even when overwhelmed. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the everyday mundane, the to-do lists, the household chores, the never feeling like you're enough, etc., but once you let go and take God's hand there is real joy to be experienced. We are on chapter 7 of this book and I can't wait to finish. I will definitely be re-reading this at some point.

The second book I am reading is "Grace Not Perfection" by Emily Ley. I just got this one in the mail a few days ago, but I am already having a hard time putting it down. Giving myself grace is not something that comes easy for me. And by that I mean that I rarely ever give myself grace. I can't wait to dive into this book more!

So tell me, what are you reading?


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  1. This is the first I have heard of this Home Alone book! Heading to Amazon this morning to find it!! My girls would LOVE it! Especially my youngest =)
    Dancing with my father sounds like it would be up my alley, I think I need to check that out too =) Have a great day!

  2. Emily Ley's book is so good- it is definitely a struggle for me to embrace grace as well!

  3. I wish I could tell you I was reading something, but I'm not :( Those books you are reading look great. Writing them down on my ever growing list of things to read.

  4. Both of the "Crystal" books are ones I would love to read. I'm adding them to my list now. Which is forever growing. Maybe one day I'll read what I have on hand instead of buying/requesting new books.

  5. That Manhood Restored book looks so interesting! That's neat that they're reading it together. And I just heard about Grace Not Perfection, I think I need to check that one out.

  6. Im loving all of Mason's books! I love the Berenstain Bears and enjoy the faith-based newer ones that the son has put out. (I actually still have my original BB books that I read to the girls :)

  7. I truly need to get back in to reading! I have like three books started and none finished. Or four. I need commitment like you guys!

  8. Ooh I've been curious about the grace not perfection book. You'll have to let me know once you're done!

  9. I laughed at your comment about Nathan reading. :) Men!! Our kiddos are so similar I think. My kids would sit with me all day and read books. I will take it!! I need to find the Home Alone book.

  10. Ooo I'm so interested in that Emily Ley book!! I really want to step my reading game up this year!

  11. I love this idea, but sadly I'm more like Nate... not reading anything... but blogs! Ha!
    I may need to link up and share what Mason is reading :)

  12. We are LOVING that Home Alone book! And I had no idea that Emily Ley had a book?! I need that! I've been following her IG account for years, but somehow I missed the book! I blame the non-linear IG feed. I feel like I miss so much stuff now. :o(


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!