{Weekend Wrap-up}

It's been a long while since I have done a weekend wrap-up around  here. Our weekends have been too busy for documenting lately. I did manage to take a few several iPhone pictures throughout the weekend and thought I'd give you guys a peek at our weekend. This was actually one that we didn't have planned out from Friday - Sunday night! Those are sometimes the best!

...this past weekend we built Legos with Mason after school on Friday.
...this past weekend we had birthday dinner & celebrated with family at our favorite restaurant. Always a good time!
...this past weekend we were lazy Friday night after dinner. I think we were in pajamas before 9pm. Glorious!!!!
...this past weekend we started a new devotional with Mason.
...this past weekend we ate lunch at our favorite little hole in the wall restaurant. We grew up eating here and now it's Mason's favorite. #trainupachild (haha)
...this past weekend we visited the Army/Navy store for para-cord for Nate's kayak. Mason had a blast...

...this past weekend we drove through our old stomping grounds (town we grew up in). My how it's changed.
...this past weekend we visited grandparents (Mason's great grands) and spent quality time together.

...this past weekend went to Michael's and checked out the Cricut selection. I've been debating on getting one.
...this past weekend we went to Academy. Have to check out the selection in other towns!!
...this past weekend we went to Bass Pro shop and barely beat the downpour.
...this past weekend we climbed on boats and pretended Mason was my captain.
...this past weekend we 'drove' side by sides and climbed into a humongous shark's mouth...

...this past weekend we swung by Hobby Lobby 10 minutes before they closed for derby car supplies.
...this past weekend we cut out Mason's Pinewood Derby Car in the shop.
...this past weekend I saw the most beautiful and vibrant sunrise on the way to the grocery store.

...this past weekend we went to church and heard a good message. (studying Galatians)

...this past weekend we took Mason upstairs at church. He's been wanting to see the sideboard forever.
...this past weekend we had a Cub Scout meeting at the den.
...this past weekend we finished up Mason's Pinewood Derby car. The race is next weekend.
...this past weekend Nate had to work a little OT on Sunday evening.
...this past weekend Mason and I stayed home while Nate worked. He played and I caught up on housework and laundry.

And that sums up our weekend. How was yours?

Thank you Laurie for letting me borrow your weekend wrap-up format!


  1. Girl, y'all did A LOT. I love the setup of this post. This weekend I played lots of Pop the Pig and Candyland. I watched a few shows but still need to watch the new This is Us. It was nasty weather so we were only able to play outside for a bit. We made chocolate chip cookies with Christmas morsels. They are still delish! It really sounds like y'all had an amazing weekend!

  2. We had Pinewood Derby yesterday. My boys' cars did not do well!

  3. I'm also living a boy-centric and God-centric life with four wonderful sons, but I miss having someone who is 6.5 in my house.
    Blessings to you!

  4. I love how you did this :) So many fun things this weekend. Happy week friend!

  5. Wow you did a lot! Isn't it amazing how much we can fit into a weekend! And I'm in pjs by 7pm most nights lol!

  6. Wow! What a busy weekend! I love the layout of your post! :).

    I may have to borrow this idea sometime!

  7. You guys were so busy!! Sounds like an awesome weekend! :)

  8. Well hey anytime!!! And my goodness suuuch a busy weekend you guys don't stop! Love it though, truly! And his mask made me giggle! Looks like such a tough kid!

  9. My goodness!!! You had a BUSY weekend! You sure packed a lot in to a couple days, but it sounds like you had a great time!

  10. Oh I love this type of format! It sounds like you guys had the BEST weekend.

  11. How fun Mason got to build his pinewood derby car!

    I know you didn't mention it, but have you ever looked into a silhouette vs a cricut? Only because buying a cartridge for every cricut design you want gets pricey and the silhouette images are all downloaded online and cost about a $1 - just my suggestion :)

  12. I love seeing his derby car! Can't wait to see the pictures from the race!! I'm glad yall had a relaxing weekend. Sometimes being in your PJs and settling in on a Friday night is the best feeling ever.

  13. Equal parts busy and relaxing, filled with family, fun, and food. Your weekends are always amazing, and that sunset? WOAH!
    Also. Any night I'm cozy and in pjs by 9pm is perfection in my world!

  14. Can't wait to hear all about how the derby goes friend. Sounds like you had a pretty amazing weekend too.

  15. You always have such great weekends. We tend to be busier during the week and a bit slower paced on the weekends.

  16. What a weekend!! Love the format you used--so fun!

  17. Busy! But the good kind of busy, with plenty of family time. Also, amazed at that sunrise photo and the fact that you've already run errands before I even roll out of bed. Making me look bad over here ... ;)


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