{Little Letters // Volume One}

I have been so excited about the Little Letters link-up ever since I read about it on Kristin at Taz and Belly's blog! I used to participate in a similar link-up called Friday Letters when I first started blogging and really enjoyed it. Here are my letters for January.

Dear Jesus, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the redemptive work you are doing {and will continue to do} in my life. You give me far more than I deserve. Jesus, be glorified in my life.

Dear Christmas, why did you have to leave so quickly? I feel like time flew by entirely too fast and I need a do-over. You're my favorite month out of the whole year and I need more of you! I'm still sweeping up pine needles and glitter on the daily and it just makes me sad. Pine needles and glitter are just not fun without Christmas. Only 345 more days to go...

Dear Birthday Month, I have a love hate relationship with you. While I feel so incredibly blessed to get to celebrate another birthday, I don't enjoy the physical celebration part of it. I don't like being center of attention for anything and turning another year older is, well,  kind of depressing.

Dear Diesel, I am so sorry you had to wait so long for your hair appointment. It's been heck trying to schedule your shots with the holidays and all. And you can't get a haircut without your rabies and bordatella being up to date. Please forgive me? I can't wait to pick you up from the groomer later today! And while I am talking to you, Diesel, I am not happy with your newfound thing of picking out your favorite pieces of dog food and leaving the ones you don't like all over the house. Ugh!

Dear Subway Surfers, dang you!! I deleted all games off my phone for the longest. But then a 4 hour flight happened and I needed something to pass the time when my eyes needed a break from reading. Now I am addicted to you again.

Dear Blog, blog friends, and unanswered emails, I am so sorry for getting so far behind. The holidays happened. Life happened. And one day I will be caught up again! I think I have finally caught up on blogs, but my email is a different story.

Dear iPhone 7 Plus, I heart you. Like major heart you. I debated on going to the plus when the 6 came out and just didn't think I could do a phone that big. Then the 7 came out and I read all about the awesome camera and I was sold. I am more than impressed. And so happy that in those times when it's a pain to tote around my big camera that I have a phone that takes pretty impressive photos. I am sure the 7 s will come out like tomorrow since I just purchased this one. But, whatever.

Dear allergies, go away! I have no time for you. Not at all. Cedar and I are NOT friends.

Dear NYX Fiberlash Mascara, I think I love you. I have next to no lashes at all, but with you I totally do. I can't believe how much length and volume you give me. Buuuuuutttt, I shouldn't have tried you on the day that my allergies are the worst. I can't tell if the little fibers are flaking off into my eyes, or if it's just the allergies. I am pretty sure it's the allergies. Or at least I'm hoping it is.

Dear Husband, you are hot and I love you {even if you left me today to go fishing in the cold and rain}.

Dear sweet Mason Lane, your mama can hardly stand your kindness and that tender little heart of yours. Lately you have been so concerned about homeless people and wanting to do all that you can to help them. You even went as far as saying you're going to own an Academy Sports store one day and that you were going to let homeless people come and get shoes and clothes for free. Oh how I love you!

Dear First Baptist Church, I know we are in the middle of transition and things are hard right now, but I also know that we are going to be okay. God's not finished with us or our church yet. I love you all.

Dear All Sons & Daughters, I've had your song "Called Me Higher" on repeat all week. I can't get enough. Hearing Mason shout-singing "You have called me higher. You have called me deeper." makes it even sweeter.

Dear Little Letters Link-up, I loved writing this post and I already can't wait until next time.

Dear 2017, bring it on. I am so looking forward to what all you have in store for my sweet little family. On Tuesday I posted my word of the year and what I wanted to focus on. I also wanted to share something I saw on Pinterest the other day...

What little letters are you writing this month?


  1. I love this!! I used to do friday letters too and this reminds me how much I enjoyed it. I need to start doing this. Happy friday!

  2. Ok so when is your birthday??? Now you must share!!! And I'm loving reading all these... I linked up with them today too!!!

  3. How fun is this! Such a great idea. And hey! Happy weekend!!

  4. My kids like Subway Surfers...I'm addicted to Candy Crush.

  5. So many good things about iPhone7, almost makes me wish I had upgraded when my old phone took a bath lol. I had so much fun writing these little letters too! Ill probably spend countless car commutes writing and rewriting new ones ;) Have a wonderful THREE day weekend!

  6. Thank you SO MUCH for joining in today!! Little Letters are my fave. xo

  7. This post is so cute! I will have to join in sometime! I just bought an iPhone 7 and I am so flipping excited to start using it! I'm going to get everything switched over this weekend!

  8. This is such a fun link up, and I love everything you mentioned!
    I'm with you on Christmas, it just came and went too quickly. And, it took me a solid evening to get caught up on emails. Now I'm chipping away at blogs!
    I've never heard of Subway Surfers... But I'm SO tempted to check it out. I'm just fearful I'll get hooked.

  9. That song is my JAM! I rock out to it every time it's played on the radio!

  10. Oh friend all of these brought a huge smile to my face. I hope you are having a great weekend. I could go for some All Sons and Daughters right about now myself :).

  11. I love this post! What a great idea to do little letters like this. I think posts like this are almost therapeutic! I enjoyed reading all your letters.

  12. This is such a cute post! I love it! Praying for your allergies!

  13. Way back when, there was another link up called Friday's Letters that I used to participate in. This reminds me so much of it! I loved reading your letters today!

  14. This is so fun! Everyone is making me think I need an Iphone7 like now! I use to feel like that on my birthday too but last year I started embracing it. It's a bittersweet feeling for sure, lucky enough to have another birthday but unlucky to aging :(

  15. Your little letters are so fun!! The one to Diesel cracked me up! And Happy Birthday Month to you!!!


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